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Tarique Sani

Date of birth:

19 September 1966


15, Atomic Energy Road. Wadi, Nagpur. India- 440023

Founder and CTO: Technical Team lead at and Chief Technical Architect

Specialties: In Depth understanding of web development, Servers, Scaling applications for High performance and High availability, User experience and Usability, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

Technologies: PHP, PHP frameworks, CakePHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript, Apache, Linux.

Other: A serious amateur wildlife photographer. Published in more than 50 journals and ornithology books across the world. Understands Stock markets, fundamental and technical analysis of companies. Certified as a Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Level 1 trainer by Morphicminds. Many people do ask - A pediatrician and a forensic expert how did I become a php geek?

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Make a plan. Stick to the plan. Always deliver.

A very painful 400 km BRM. Thanks to all those who aided and encouraged me to complete the brevet.

Hum ho gaye kaamiyab - 600BRM done!

I was under prepared but well trained. It was a long uneventful ride but it was still an expereince of a life time!

A tough 300km Brevet!

Yes it was tough, yes I took my time, yes I finished strong. In fact my last 50km were my fastest.

Numbness in hand while cycling

Long rides will result in numbnesson. With understanding and effort, it can be avoided.

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The old blog!

My old blog was powered by Wordpress and has more than 1000 posts dating back to 2002.

Coppermine Gallery

Demo of an Open Source project which I led to more than 3 million downloads.


We do high performance and scalable PHP web application development.


The easy to use online conference schedule creator.

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