This is a plugin which ideally should never be needed but I had to write it because “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail”.

Some time ago I shifted this site to use the static CMS Lektor. Lektor is written in a combination of Python and Javascript. For some time it was the perfect tool which fulfilled all my needs. I could use the features to create any kind of content I wanted. With time, creating posts with images of various types and sizes started seeming like a chore. I had to admit that Lektor at this point of time lacks a good editor on the admin side. The ideal course would be that I write code to add a kickass editor to Lektor and I have recently been admitted to the development team as well but unfortunately my python and ReactJS skills at this point are a bit lacking. Also, it was more imperative that I create content cycling related for my blog than spend time learning. I will get to that eventually but the hacker me was more tickled at the rather paradoxical idea of  using WordPress as the backend to create Lektor content. I also knew that it will not take me more than a few hours to hammer out a plugin. Lektorify – is the result of three hours of banging.

WordPress is installed on my Desktop. Once Lektorify plugin is installed and activated all you need to do is give it the path of your Lektor project on the settings page. Whenever you create a new post or update a post, the plugin will create proper directories, the file and copy all the images attached to post to the directory.

Rest of my workflow which was already in place consists of running lektor build command with –watch flag and finally do a git commit and git push to deploy/publish the post on to the remote site.



Lektorify Settings Page
Lektorify Settings page is minimal


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