I will format all your hard drives

Computer Teacher: What is notepad? Aasim: Notepad is a text editor Computer Teacher: No, notepad is a software for creating text files and simple documents! Now tell me how do you start notepad? Aasim: By clicking the shortcut on the desktop. Computer Teacher: Is this what has been taught to you? Cut to after few […]

Nakedness is in the eye of the beholder

“I hope you don’t think I’d ever do anything like that, I mean, just step out of the drier, if anyone were seeing me. It was just viewing.” “Same thing, isn’t it?” asked Baley. “Not at all the same thing. You’re viewing me right now. You can’t touch me, can you, or smell me, or […]

Alcazar Cabaret at Pattaya, Thailand

At first glance you may not know that the picture is any different from what you think it to be… but do read on! The Alcazar Cabaret of Pattaya, Thailand is one of the major tourist attractions, whenever we returned from Pattaya we were questioned “Did you see the show?”. So this time we took […]