Fine Lines of discrimination

Been grappling with some fine lines of discrimination lately – no this has nothing to do with the picture! More on the picture later. It is about the small but significant differentiations between some very similar looking birds for example the difference between Oriental Skylark and Syke’s Crested Lark. Hint: Look at the crest and […]

Erotic Minimalism

I am not too great a fan of Minimalism when it is applied to painting or philosophy or for that matter most of photography, however when it comes to erotic photography I very much prefer pictures which develop not through stark visual narrative but through visual suggestion. Pictures in which the viewers inscribe their own […]

Sloth Bear (Bhalu) (Melursus ursinus)

Bhalu the bear

These animals are reputed to be the exact opposite of what has been popularised by Rudyard Kipling as “Bhaloo the bear”. Some reports say that they can be more dangerous than Tigers which is probably true as the eyesight of Sloth Bears is not too good and they are known to attack at the slightest […]

Long Live the Queen!!

She is Indrani the resident Queen of Indri, Kanha. Named by Uncle Denzel Stephens after the region where she reigns and the English news reader from Radio Sri Lanka of the same name. Seen in the picture are two of the young prince born barely 6 weeks ago! She embodies in her the resilience to […]