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Mogra Flowers
Sweet aroma of these fills our house throughout summer!
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Anon [November 17, 2003]
tushar [April 7, 2004]
Anon [May 19, 2004]
my name is IMY MOGRA - mad im named afta a flower... crazy
Faisal [June 11, 2004]
I know exactly what you're talking about Tarique! We have a bunch of these in my house. They're very popular in Indian weddings.
noor ullah [July 15, 2004]
mogra is the best in india & the (smell)perume is very sweet greeny
ana [January 26, 2005]
hi i would like to know about how to look after my mogra plant i am in australia and was wonderfully surprised when i was able to get one plant here!!! please let me know if you have any knowledge as to how to make it thrive in various conditions.
tariquesani [January 26, 2005]
Mogra needs black soil and hot weather and plenty of sunlight, here in Nagpur India it flowers from March to July which means Summer
Angel [August 31, 2005]
I just bought a (potted) mogra plant. How often should i water it . I live in singapore.
tariquesani [September 1, 2005]
Once a day should be enough - the soil should just remain moist not very wet - ensure water drainage
nidhi [September 4, 2005]
i like mogra so much that i eat also
Angel [September 15, 2005]
Tks. My plant flowered for one week but Now the new leaves of my plant have suddenly gotten all soft Pls help.
tariquesani [September 16, 2005]
Mogra flowers in summer - here in India the season is from Feb-May
Anon [September 16, 2005]
So shall i trim n prune my plant? its leaves really gone so soft ...so sad...angel
tariquesani [September 16, 2005]
Ummm... leaves should have dried not gone limp - are you sure you are not over watering it and keeping it in too warm and humid room
Angel [September 19, 2005]
Hi, well i trimmed my plant. It is looking better now. I keep it outside my house, and the weather here is always hot n humid. And i dont over-water it... but it is looking much better now. tksss
Anon [September 29, 2005]
Hi, Hoping u & family are fine . Just to update you that all is well with my mogra plant. Any new pix of mogras?...angel
chendil [March 5, 2006]
Most of the gents & Ladies like mogra, moreover it create the sex sence when smell it
KriKri [April 1, 2006]
Hey - I need some serious information here. Not just one line....I live in the USA and absolutely LOVE "Mogra" aka "Jasmine". Does anyone know the latin (Scientific Name) of this plant? I need to know so that I can differentiate between the 50+ varieties when I go to the flowery nursery. Also - I live in the southern US, so we have all four seasons, but rarely snow. Is this something I should keep in a pot outside in the spring/summer and then bring inside during winter? Should I ...
KriKri [April 1, 2006]
(continued) Should I keep a heat lamp on it when it is inside my home during the winter? I have NO plant growing skills but want to obtain this plant and keep it alive and well. Please help!
Anon [May 25, 2006]
Nancy Kuwait - Is jasmine and mogra the same family
Rahul [June 1, 2006]
I was looking for some snaps of mogra online so that I can share it with my friend & was amused to read these message...its interesting to know how people like its fragrance so much... :) well the botanical name is Jasminum Sambac (another name to refer it as Arabian Jasmine)
Anon [June 28, 2006]
information about mogra
rahul [September 11, 2006]
hi these flowers r the best ones really one goes mad in its fragnance
hj [October 6, 2006]
they are also known as maid of orleans jasmine. you can also get pikake which is a variety like maid of orleans, but larger. they also have double pikake. i think pikake are from hawaii
Anmol the champ [October 27, 2006]
HEy man these floweres r the best in the world it has very nice smell &i love them very much bye & i live in 15 sarathi rowhouse ok bye &mounil dont play cs daily as it is bad if want more info click here www.anmolchampionindia.co.in
Anon [December 5, 2006]
Mogra Is Very Good Flower & It Is Also Used In Making Madicines
NOOR [January 9, 2007]
zian [February 2, 2007]
An excellent composition, congrats. ( my photoblog : http://www.inachisio.com )
kirti [February 10, 2007]
mogra is so cute..........
varsha [February 23, 2007]
mogre ki khushboo madhosh kar dene wali hoti hai.
Savi [March 30, 2007]
Hi, I live in NC, USA. Where can i get a mogra plant?
Abu Fazal [June 18, 2007]
I come from Hyderabad, Deccan. The work Mogra is rarely used, but I am sure it refers to one of the two: Motiya or Juhi. Which one I am not sure is actually Mogra. The photo here looks like Juhi (I think it is Jasmine), but the real stuff is what is known as Motiya, very fragrant, pearl-like (hence the name Moti-ya) it is thicker and larger than (and costs little more) Juhi. It is preferred over Juhi and the fragrance is just tantalizing!
Anon [October 20, 2007]
Pleas, does anyone knnow the botanical name for Mogra?
Sonja [December 22, 2007]
Where can I get one in Australia ? :) thanks
Juhie [December 23, 2007]
Where can i get this plant in Chicago, Il?
colleen [February 8, 2008]
The botanical name is jasminium sambac the common name is arabian jasmine
Rohan [February 29, 2008]
mogra's smell ahahah_________superb
farheen [April 4, 2008]
it smell wonderfull.it is lovely . i just love it
VIJAY [September 29, 2008]
mogra fulela...............cgehra khulela.I realy like it so much.
nitesh [October 21, 2008]
i like mogra, i like to do business in such beautiful flower
Sanjay [April 15, 2009]
I live in US in NJ where it is cold for 8-9 months of the year. I bring all my tropical plants inside my house in September. I have 4 diff. varieties of Mogra. You do not need any heat lamp for this plant. If you can place the plant by the window it would do very well, even bloom all year round.
Zaan [May 23, 2009]
hey! i am doing a reserch on mogra flower.. and i want to know if anyone can help me to get its scientific name and common name of it...

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