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Big Bazaar Nagpur
The city also has modern malls selling almost everything grocery, clothes, kitchenware of every known brand. You name it, they got it!

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Chaitanya [August 31, 2004]
Great pics, and I would like to see Ambazhari and Seminary Hills too
Anon [April 4, 2005]
Bazaar without having to dip into what you have stashed away for the makaan. You may even have some left over to splurge at the Café Coffee Day downstairs.
Gunesh [May 30, 2005]
Hay how can u forget that city is having intrnational cricket ground
CS Chaudhari [June 9, 2005]
Wanja Reichert [June 11, 2005]
Hey,nice to see pics from Nagpur... are you living there? I am here since 11Month now, but i have to leave for germany soon...
tariquesani [June 16, 2005]
Yes Wanja, I live in Nagpur
vishal [July 20, 2005]
Hey, I miss nagpur where I have spent 10 years, rite now m at kolkata
Abhijeet (23) [August 24, 2005]
I can never forget Nagpur where I spent 18 yrs of my life. I m in London (UK) now but for me, nothing is better than my Nagpur. This beautiful Orange City is dedicated to "Naina" my sweetheart. Favourite sites: Seminary Hills, Ambazari Garden, Japenese Garden, Botanical Garden, Hislop College, Jaripatka, CA Rd, Civil lines, Dharampeth, Tuli International, Futala talav, etc.
kamlesh [August 26, 2005]
nagpur is a great place. where i spent 20 yrs of my life. rite now i m in puna. i like very much nagpur city speciallly new construteted road it's like a foreign road in night i leave in ramdaspeth. by
prasanna [September 13, 2005]
I love Nagpur. Do you Nagpur is going to have a monorail now ? It will be the first city in India to have monorail. It is emerging as the international passenger and cargo hub. Sonegaon airport is recently declared as international airport. Nagpur will soon come up as one one of the major cities of India. But anyway, I love Nagpur unconditionally.
QAMAR-CHOTTU [September 15, 2005]
East or west my nagpur is best. Nagpur is my native palace and I spent 25 years in Nagpur. Pesently I am in saudia (MAKKAH). now sonegaon airport became an international airport and from october 2005 air-arabia flight is starting from nagpur to sharjah three days in a week, thanks to Mr. Praful Patel for his excellent effort.I love my Nagpur city.
Ram [September 20, 2005]
Nagpur kho boolna bahut mushkil baat hai mera.very beautiful place.spent my college life in Nagpur(VRCE).but,it is the best for me.no place is best for me more than Nagpur.now i am in Mumbai
Sachyn Kosare [September 28, 2005]
My native place is nagpur & though I live in Ratnagiri I visit nagpur regularly. Its always a pleasure being there & hanging around.
sadanand khedkar [September 28, 2005]
i love nagpur.i was in ngp from last 2 years. i would like to spent my whole life in ngp
Anon [September 28, 2005]
keerthana: i simply like B a lot but its not that gud but exciting for sure
Kasturi [October 21, 2005]
yeah!!!!!!!! Nagpur is the town where i was born! very nice pics!!!!
ravi [October 26, 2005]
nothing is aslike as nagpur
Anon [October 26, 2005]
Fabulous pictures! ....Do you hav Sonegaon Talav pictures too? I know its not a beautiful place as compared to other renovated spaces but its definitely the most quiet, serene and peaceful. It will be good if u could add this place too.
Tejas [October 29, 2005]
Nagpur's in my heart !! I've spent 21 years of my life there.....needless to say, I am a staunch Nagpurian. I've been to places like Pune and right now am in bangalore....but believe me there's no place like Nagpur. Nagpur is THE BEST....it rocks!!! I LOVE YOU, Nagpur.
Sumana [November 30, 2005]
I can't forget Nagpur where I spent 24 months .Now I am in kolkata.Everytime I miss my sweet orange city,so pollutionfree,beautiful it is.
Anon [November 30, 2005]
Rahul manohar
Prashant S Umap [November 30, 2005]
I love nagpur, and i am very proud to be as a Nagpurian. and east or west nagpur is the best.
Lucky [December 25, 2005]
Nagpur to hamari jaan hai. Yahan Chennai me aake Napur ko bahut mis kar raha hoon
jaykantshandilya [December 28, 2005]
Nagpur is my native place, small but very fairness about big city.
Anand [January 11, 2006]
Nagpur is a very clean city, roads are too good
Mohan [January 17, 2006]
Nagpur is not only my native place but the best place to stay. I hope some corporates now set up offices in Nagpur so that I can hope to get a reasonable job and return back to Nagpur.
Umesh Ankar [January 27, 2006]
It is the best place to stay with your family ,cool ,good people I have ever seen.
Arun Dhariwal [February 3, 2006]
Well Nagpur Is a Nice Developing City Which is having great scope in every field in future, its an e-merging city people are of mixed communities & all types of specialised manpower can be found here, it could be the next most happening place after mumbai, pune & bangalore. NagpurTrade.Com for more details...
Praveen J [February 3, 2006]
Please keep posting more pictures from Nagpur. Its helps people like me, who are thousands of miles away from it, to come closer to their birthplace. I often visit Nagpur photo galleries and cherish the first 22 yrs of my life that I spent there. Tarique your gallery is the best.
Abhishek [February 6, 2006]
Well What can be said about Nagpur.I just love Nagpur as I have spent many years in nagpur.Currently I am in Tokyo Japan..But really I am missing NGP very much..Love you Nagpur!!
Shantanu [February 16, 2006]
Nagpur is the best place in the world. I have lived in there for 18 years. I am currently studying in the US since 2 years but I would love to come back and live in Nagpur.
Amit [February 20, 2006]
Gouri [February 22, 2006]
Nagpur is the best place in the world. I would love to see Nagpur again after I will return from US.
Abhishek [February 23, 2006]
Bike ridiing,movies,picnic,hotel,DP..All missing Love you Nagpur again
ANUSHKA [March 5, 2006]
I just luv nagpur, I was born in nagpur.I have great fun to go to mausiams ,rani baug(zoo),the mall etc.I go to nagpur every summer vac. of my school. as nagpur is my native place.i have mostly seen all the places in nagpur, still like to go again and again .It is true,once u go to nagpur u dont feel lukt comming back.nagpur is a real beautiful place."I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE U NAGUR"
ROHIT [March 9, 2006]
nagpur ,what can i say.The best place to live in india.i've spent 22 yrs in nagpur & wanna spend the rest of my life there!Please add the snaps of lakes in nagpur and not to forget those beautiful roads!THE BEST IN INDIA!NAGPUR ROCKS!!!
Hema [March 11, 2006]
Nagpur is the best place, I always miss it
Shailesh Ahlawat [March 12, 2006]
I love Nagpur,I am basically from Rohtak .I was the student of Priyadarshini college of Engineering from 1992 to 1997.The best place in the nagpur is Dharampeth .I spend my 5 YEAR in Nagpur and the Nagpurian Girls are very Beautiful.
Mayur [March 16, 2006]
Only a Nagpuri can feel the Nagpur is mahol language and can recognize a nagpuri from lacs of people from our best of the best unique language.....
Anon [March 18, 2006]
Pankaj datir
Jaydeep [April 16, 2006]
I really miss Nagpur Samosas here in Bangalore. I love them and always make sure I feast on them everytime I visit Nagpur
Abhishek [April 25, 2006]
I am missing my bike.Best place to have a ride on Bike is Nagpur.Well I love this city the most.I mean everything is cool no tension..I am right now in Tokyo.But will be visiting Nagpur in December.
Ashwin [April 26, 2006]
Neha Telang [April 28, 2006]
I luv Nagpur At present i m wrkng in mumbai, its a cool place where everyone has space.time is not so fast,life is acdg urself not accdg to locals,i miss civil line roads,i miss M.L.C. Biryani i miss my freinds who r in ngp
Adrian [April 28, 2006]
Nagpur is a happening place now !! I was born and brought in Nagpur, but away for last 10 years in Dubai. Pleasant surprise to see well maintained roads and beautiful landscapes. Nagpur, I feel as my OWN. CHEERS !!!!!
Alok Kumar jha [May 8, 2006]
I have done research at Nagpur for Tramell Crow Meghraj.It can be another sky scrappers city.
Vikrant [May 11, 2006]
Ngp-Numero Uno....Cheers Tarique..gud on ya..I enjoyed the pics very much. i'm proud of our Nagpur and miss ngp wherever i go. Right now I'm workin in Australia..but i tell ya, nothin like nagpur. I was born and brought up in NGP.Spent 22 years of my life in nagpur. I just love the jungles around nagpur..actually the jungles r a second home for me. I really miss (...) etc etc..I miss the Saoji dishes, I miss the open air dhabas on the highways...miss NGP
Pranav D [May 13, 2006]
WOW...cant think of any other adjective! breathtaking photography brother. I am a true nagpurian, with the language and all but living in the US for the past 6 years. God I miss it. Keep the good work man.....
Ansh [May 16, 2006]
Man, this city ROCKS!!!! I mean, NAGPUR is truely the best city to live in!!! I've spent 16 yrs. in Nagpur & all I can say is that this city is BEYOND THE WORDS OF BEAUTY THAT IT DESERVES!!!!
Anon [May 28, 2006]
Ironic that everyone loves Nagpur , but dont stay there any more.
RITU D [May 31, 2006]
kartik [June 12, 2006]
Thanks Tarique for promoting and sharing Nagpur...my city...my soul. Pls keep this site alive..hope to contribute in Nagpur's road to glory and to get its deserved place in the eyes of world.
Anon [June 18, 2006]
IVe spent 22 years in nagpur. In uk now. cant express in words how much i miss my place , i belong to that land, and i will be back there sooner or later. Wahan ki chai ki tapria, pan ke thale, woh engineering colleges, wot wonderful days!!!!!!!1
ANDREW SIMPSON [June 18, 2006]
I thought the correct name for someone from Nagpur was 'Nagpukar' - please tell me! Thanks. I love Nagpur.
tariquesani [June 18, 2006]
Yes the correct name for someone from Nagpur is Nagpurkar
SACHIN SUCHAK [June 29, 2006]
I miss you Nagpur.Actually from my birth I was in Nagpur.It is my home town.Now I am in Jaipur doing MBA but I miss my city a lot.Hence I use to be there every 2 to 3 month.Atlast for the fast growing city I would like to say that if there is a heaven on earth then it is Nagpur only.
Maansi [July 7, 2006]
It appears COOL, i am from delhi Visited Nagpur for the first time in Oct 2005 visited again in March 2006, nice place to shop around at Pyramid, Hich Court looks great. Nice place to be but after retirement.
Ravi Ranjan [July 13, 2006]
big baazar mai to mai bahut shoping karta hoo aur hamesha karonga aur nagpur main mujhe maan lagta hai mai kabhi nagpur ko chor kar bahi jaoonga
liju [August 11, 2006]
yep nagpurs a place to be coz its the centre og a gr8 country n has everything it takes to b pure fun
TAPAN GUPTA [August 20, 2006]
nagpur is great,jagah jagah par bar aur panthele, maza ata hai
Narendra Wankhede [September 10, 2006]
big bazar is the big.....................bazar and there are many intertainment and lot of fun.
Nilesh [October 6, 2006]
Guuud Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning Nagpuuuuuuuur welcome to bigbazaar
Yogi [October 24, 2006]
It's a nice place to live ur life fullest.
raghav [November 1, 2006]
interested in digi cams
mandeep [November 4, 2006]
its awesome...
Anon [November 10, 2006]
Don't purchases from here
jacky [November 11, 2006]
nagpur is really beautiul
pRASAD [November 18, 2006]
Osho-Raju [November 21, 2006]
Nagpur is like a Cosmo........U have all kind of people in Nagpur. To add further Nagpur has largest industrial area in Asia (Butibori), Asias biggest hospital is GMC, and Kalamna is the biggest market in Asia.
Datta Pundlik [December 1, 2006]
Nagpur is my native place, Welcome to Mahal - Pundlik Parivar - Bal
Usha Pundlik [December 1, 2006]
I love Nagpur but better than Banaras. My Native Place was Banaras
NITIN KAMAL [December 10, 2006]
My is heart nagpur and natural green
Shubham [December 15, 2006]
Nagpur........ The best city to live in. Its the fastest developing city of India.
umesh [December 17, 2006]
really nagpurs big bazaar is fantatisic, and well establish in orange city, i hope its really enjoy the nagpur peoples and purchase the every commodity in big bazaar
neelam joyce [January 3, 2007]
Nagpur is the best city, I always miss it. I miss my friend Neha, Vishal, Mathew, Mure Memorial Campus
vicky kewlani [January 5, 2007]
nagpur is the greenest city i hv ever seen
Pankaj [January 17, 2007]
Nagpur is India's Heaven.............. an anonymous choice 4 all
G [February 11, 2007]
Hi Tarique, Thank you so much for these pictures, they're truly special but also make me homesick :-( I was born and raised in Nagpur and then moved away so each of these pictures have a special meaning. I visit there often but it doesn't feel enough, so keep up the good work for tose of us who are saat samundar paar.
Anon [February 13, 2007]
hi, I loved going through this website. We are planning to move to nagpur. I have no idea about the city, I am especially concerned about the school for my kids.If you could get in touch with me, that will be extremely helpful. My email address is: archana14@gmail.com Thanks. Archana
rohit love [March 7, 2007]
hello my all nagpur friends
raju [March 9, 2007]
hi nagpur
sushant [March 12, 2007]
Nagpur is the dream city for me
pankaj dateer [March 15, 2007]
nagpur isb the great place in across the world it is a hart of our country
Sunil Shinde [March 22, 2007]
Good exercise which brings back memories of the city i lived in for 18 years.Where u learned all tricks of life(good as well as bad) which helps u 2 grows everyday.Dear Tarique,thanks for ur exercise.
Ishaan [March 30, 2007]
Big Bazaar is cheating with customer in terms of quality and price. It/s retail maic is the magic thatforces customer to pay the price.
NAJEEB SHEIKH [April 12, 2007]
H. KISHOR [May 10, 2007]
Nagpur is a nice place to live. it is a heart of our country.
Repizza [May 11, 2007]
Hello, I think I want to move to Nagpur from Europe and start a good pizza restaurant and English language school. What do you people think?
pawan [June 7, 2007]
i loves nagpur's culture and buety
ROHIT [June 11, 2007]
pankaj bedarkar [July 11, 2007]
Hi!i nagpur is my birthplace,i spend 26 years there, i am doing job at abudhai UAE. but its really difficult to forget my city. its is on a way of progess.i feel proud to say, my green city,orange city. i had compleated my ssc at sanjuba high school1993 batch. i miss my school,home& mates. my favourite place is choupaty of yeshwant stadium,futala lake,big bazzar,wardha rd. Sai mandir. i really missing Pavbhaji,Gupchup,above all Samosaa. My friends can join me at pankaj.bedarkar@rediffmail.com.miss u NGP
Rathish [July 30, 2007]
I love Nagpur and Nagpuriens. I can't foget the stay in Nagpur.
Susanta [August 19, 2007]
I live Indians.
satyam [September 5, 2007]
aur kya dekhe na baki hai nagpur se dil laga ke dekh leya
rahul [September 8, 2007]
nagpur is the sexiest palce
akens [October 1, 2007]
Nagpur is the sexiest and hottest place in the world
sanjay borkar [October 21, 2007]
Hi I'm Sanjay Borkar a few days ago I visited Big Bazar I really liked it.
Rajendra [November 6, 2007]
Worlds best city Nagpur Orange city
sachin [November 18, 2007]
Nitin [January 9, 2008]
Nagpur is the best.
Anand Chaudhari [January 20, 2008]
Home Sweet Home(Nagpur)
reggy [February 16, 2008]
very hot place
NITIN BHAI [March 31, 2008]
Big Bazar is very very good bazar because all goods percanse in one mall.
ABHIJIT [April 12, 2008]
I spent my 24 years in nagpur and now i am in mumbai when ever i see vidharbha express at kalyan station i request to god to take due care of my heart... NAGPUR.
shubham [April 19, 2008]
nagpur the upcoming singapore....
Sushant Umap [June 11, 2008]
Nagpur is all time best city to stay and i am proud to be a part of it.
mukesh sharma [June 13, 2008]
hello all lear all this comment and now i also want to go and c the nagpur city i think it so beautful so all this persone tell oh god help me i am very poor and plz make my dream true
lokesh [June 14, 2008]
nagpur is in growing stage for improvement i am also be part of that city
Shekhar [July 16, 2008]
Nagpur a real secular place where people of all races , religions are living peacefully. I love Nagpur and want to sttled dwon there.
Hemant Shahare [July 20, 2008]
Nagpur City is upcoming singapur
Balaji Kshirsagar [September 20, 2008]
Hi nagpur in my natine but rite now i m shifted to Mumbai I missed to nagpur very much Nagpur is really peaceful city as compare to other I LOVE NAGPUR
ishu [October 1, 2008]
i miss my girlfriend she is in nagpur i love her and i also miss nagpur thats the cool place dude visit those who dint
Bhaskar [October 7, 2008]
I Love My Nagpur.
Shyamli [December 7, 2008]
Spent my early childhood days in Nagpur,Love this place. Now stay in Pune but Nagpur hold my many fond memories. .
Raj malewar [December 10, 2008]
I am come from one month 3 or 4 time in Big Bazzar but my home is make a small bazzar
afzal.khan [February 12, 2009]
i love nagpur city
manish [June 24, 2009]
nagpur is my birth place now i am in mumbai but i miss in winter and rain season

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