10 free minimalist WordPress themes

In my previous post I wrote about some premium minimalistic themes and had promised that I will make a post about free minimalist wordpress themes next. So here it is, I am making good on my promise.

All of these themes are available as free and open source themes. Some of them surpass several paid themes in terms of looks and typography but I have generally found that they are also a bit minimalist on functionality as compared to the premium themes.


Tonal from Automattic sports a minimal design with large featured images. It can display images and videos at full width. The menu and widgets are hidden from sight in a pull-down panel. The background adaptation feature on this theme is unique. Select any solid background color and the theme will automatically modify your typography and other elements to preserve readability with the new background color.

Demo & Download


Papaver is a minimalist theme that puts the focus on your words. With column layout this theme makes your content look like a beautiful book. This theme offers one, two or three column layouts. Unfortunately this also needs the most code editing to make it really work well.

Demo & Download

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Minimalist WordPress themes – Premium version!

Recently I was required to search Minimalist WordPress Themes for a friend of mine. She did not mind it being a paid theme. Here are the ones which I shortlisted for her. These are all premium themes. If you want free themes you will have to wait for the next post where I will post the free themes which were shortlisted.

Purity: Responsive, Clean, Minimal & Bold WP Theme – $55

Purity: Responsive, Clean, Minimal & Bold WP Theme

Purity is a Clean, Minimal and Responsive WordPress Theme with a ‘BOLD’ feel that can be easily used as a personal portfolio or a business website. With an Extensive Documentation and a Demo Content it’s a matter of minutes to set your page up. Theme is fully compatible with the latest WordPress 3.9!

Demo & Download

Maktab – Business theme – $55

Maktab – Clean, Minimal and business theme

Maktab WordPress Theme is a fully responsive HTML5 theme that is ideal for Business, Corporate and Portfolio. Maktab Comes With a lot of features Custom page builder, custom posts, Bootstrap, Retina Icons, Contact Form, Woo Commerce integration, Unlimited Sidebar, and much more to help you create you next project.

Demo & Download

Good Space – $40

Good Space - Responsive Minimal WP Theme

Good Space Good Space is a WordPress theme especially for creative agency. It’s very clean, minimal with modern design. This theme is also has a responsive ability. Moreover, it comes with tons of features. Including our page items that can be managed very easily via our awesome tool, ‘Page Builder’. Admin panel in this theme is a real feature rich. You can also create unlimited sidebar, choosing over 450 fonts or if you want to use your own, we provide a cufon uploader. You can also translate each elements to your language via this admin panel.

Demo & Download

Minimal WordPress Portfolio – $35

Minimal WordPress Portfolio
This is a clean, minimal, timeless design for a wide variety of users. Designed to help you get your site up and running quickly by taking advantage of built in WordPress functionality and avoiding dozens of useless, complex option screens. Leverage the popular JetPack plugin for a custom Carousel, Galleries, Gravatar Hovercards, Contact Forms, Widget Visibility, Custom Add-on CSS, Extra Widgets, Infinite Scroll and more!

Demo & Download

Mokka – Minimal & Elegant WordPress Blog – $45

Mokka - Minimal & Elegant WordPress Blog
Mokka is a responsive, minimalist, flexible and modern WordPress Blog. From a clean white color scheme (with a accent color of choice) & multiple page layouts which all remain sophisticated and simple. Everything definitely brings a certain elegance.

Demo & Download

Casia – Minimal WordPress Theme – $35

Casia - Minimal Clean WordPress Theme
Casia is a clean and responsive one-page creative portfolio that is perfect to promote your work in a very professional and pleasant way. Casia was built in HTML5 and CSS3, with parallax image effects to make it even more appealing and dynamic. It is fully responsive; it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile). Casia comes in three versions:

Demo & Download

UniSphere Minim – $40

UniSphere Minim Corporate and Portfolio

UniSphere Minim is a WordPress theme designed with corporate businesses in mind. It has a custom CMS integrated into the WordPress administration area that allows you to build a fully functional professional website in minutes. The theme is also well suited for online portfolios and blogs.

Demo & Download

Rayleigh – $45

Rayleigh - A Responsive Minimal Architect Theme

Rayleigh is a minimalistic theme with clean and elegant design, made for architects, designers, and all-around creatives to showcase their work.
Demo & Download

Raiden – $40

Raiden - A Minimal WordPress Theme with Style

Raiden is an elegant personal blogging WordPress theme with refined typography and aesthetics. Offering support for all 10 WordPress Post Formats, this theme is ideal for your personal Blog. Raiden also has an optional View Mode Switcher that optimizes the reading experience according to the lighting conditions. Have a look at the demo!

Demo & Download

Live Flickr Comments Importer

A quick note for those who follow my blog but not the SANIsoft blog. The WordPress Plugin to import comments from your Flickr Photos into your WordPress posts is now listed at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/live-flickr-comment-importer/ and the plugin home page is at http://www.sanisoft.com/blog/2009/12/15/wordpress-plugin-live-flickr-comment-importer/

Bug reports, feature request and patches most welcome

Testing Flickr Comment Import plugin


Yesterday I hacked a plugin which allows importing of comments from Flickr into a WordPress post, however I am not releasing this iteration of the plugin because

  1. It does not really use the Flickr API but the recent activity RSS feed
  2. It involves the WordPress user entering a custom field called flickr_ID which should have the value of the picture ID on Flickr
  3. It is hooked to the admin_head – which means that comments are imported only when I do something in the WordPress Admin

Thus I am not releasing this version – the next version will try to solve the above three issues and I will release that. Meanwhile if you go to this photo on Flickr and comment, the comment will show up on this post in a while

A bit of FOSS contribution

Over at SANIsoft in the past few days we released two small but very useful bits of code. The code was written to itch the classical ‘I need it’ itch. I do hope there will be more like me out there who would like to solve the same problems.

The links to downloads and demo are on the pages which I have linked above

Reviving the journal

After a lot of reluctance I am pushing myself to revive the journal writing, this time though I am going to use a self hosted WordPress on my site at http://tariquesani.net/blog/. Yes the URL says blog but I essentially want to keep this as a journal. No! I do not want to revive the journal vs. blog flame wars.

If you are reading this on the Live Journal site – you will notice that the entry has been cross posted, I will cross post perhaps for a few days and then stop… All the entries right from 2002 have been imported in to the WordPress install.

In a reversal of sorts I have decided to host my pictures at flickr and will be using the blog to post links to them. The current Coppermine install at http://tariquesani.net/ will stay because of SEO reasons, but sooner or later I will make the complete site WordPress based.

For the interested the theme used is a modification of Amazing grace theme – I chose this theme for the rotating headers and warm colors – am finally getting bored of dark colors for my websites 🙂 Anyone having any suggestions for themes are most welcome.

Some day I will make a list of all the widgets and plugins I use.