3 more jQuery plugins

Last week Aditya released two jQuery plugins

Without a doubt jQuery is the favorite javascript framework for everyone at SANIsoft. Developing plugins for jQuery is very easy and very well documented.

A bit of FOSS contribution

Over at SANIsoft in the past few days we released two small but very useful bits of code. The code was written to itch the classical ‘I need it’ itch. I do hope there will be more like me out there who would like to solve the same problems.

The links to downloads and demo are on the pages which I have linked above

V – day!?

Guess we are married for too long, I remembered only when the bank called Swati and told that the client’s payment has come in… been playing around with the Yahoo! UI Library it is pretty cool but I do not think that we are going to drop what we already use, the Y! library is about 8 months too late. Besides, it does not have anything drastically new in terms of widgets or for that matter ease of programming.

But if you happen to have lived beneath some rock till now and have not tried your hand at the so called *web2.0* (I hate that phrase) you can start with this one – lots of documentation available.

I would really like to see this expanded into a complete widget toolkit, right now it looks like the widgets were put in as a second thought to differentiate it from the current world favourite Javascript framework – http://script.aculo.us

BTW, if you happen love AJAX (damn! another buzzword) but hate to do all DOM rewriting manually and further hate writing JS in your PHP or vice versa – try out http://taconite.sf.net

First week!

It passed by fast… things on the work front were a bit subdued with some clients still on a holiday, thankfully I have a new programmer and she will be ready to go on a commercial project in about 10 days more.

Lately I have been lurking on PixelPost Forums and have contributed a bunch of addons and am now on to optimizing and security audit. I have been using PixelPost 1.5beta on my latest project, I did consider using Coppermine NG but then Coppermine NG now is #1 a 1000 pound gorilla with a kitchen sink, #2 A gallery software I wanted a Photoblog

On a personal front Aasim clear his test for Yellow Belt Karate and is waiting to get his Mindstorm NXT I guess I will get one for myself as well 😉

Home Alone!

Swati and Aasim have hopped over to Delhi for the weekend and I am home alone – this is a rare happening, We mostly travel together for business or pleasure but this time I could not join them due to a lot of things… I do have a lot of things planned out for the weekend like post processing pictures, checking out some of the new birding spots and a date with the foster-mother of one of Aasim’s friend (yeah, Swati fixed that one for me!)

I did manage to drag myself to the gym in the morning and my trainer ensured that I exercised but rest of the things are already threatening to sink into the quagmire of lethargy and inertia. I have an option of fooling myself and saying that there is a lot of work at the office but that would require morphing into a real conman 😉

In fact apart from debugging other peoples code the only task at hand is reviewing the new PHP frameworks which have been springing up lately and looks like the epidemic is spreading faster than bird-flu, BTW I feel the panic over bird-flu is totally unwarranted!

I, personally, am more of a library oriented programmer rather than favoring a framework. Still, I found that Symfony framework for PHP5 to be quite elegant specially given the fact that they have some pretty complete documentation. I very much liked the idea of having configuration as YAML files which are compiled into PHP and cached for subsequent requests, that said I still don’t see myself building a web-app which can handle 10,000,000 hits a day using that framework – in fact any generic framework has too much bloat to handle real high traffic.

Hmmm…. looks like the post has turned out to be more geeky than I intended

Disclaimer: My experience of building a web-app which can handle 10 million+ hits a day is restricted to exactly ONE and thats was almost entirely done using procedural programming. So none of the above might be true….


Repeat after me “Favor composition over inheritance.”