Just another day in…

Just another day in... by Tarique Sani (TariqueSani) on 500px.com
Just another day in... by Tarique Sani (TariqueSani) on 500px.com

Just another day in… by Tarique Sani

Hard Ground Barasingha

Hard Ground Barasingha at Kanha
Barasingha at Kanha

Hard Ground Barasingha Cervus duvaceli branderi. Because of its adaptation to hard ground habitat is regarded as a distinct sub species. Continue reading Hard Ground Barasingha

Tiger Crossing


This one is for Kalyan, Taken in Kanha National Park on 31st May 2006

Wild Week!

Whew! The first three days of the week were dominated by construction related activity but a lot got done – finally the layout is complete, bore well has been dug and a three phase electricity meter has been installed and connected. Swati’s birthday passed in a whirl in the middle and then we decided to escape to Kanha.

This time we took our own car – Swati drove very well (for the uninformed I am not allowed to drive ;) ) and we had with us Aasim’s grandparents, yeah they *are* Swati’s parents but when Aasim is around they are more his than ours – that paints the picture very aptly.

Kanha as usual did not disappoint us – Tiger sightings were poor by the usual standards but that was enough for grandma and grandpa. The most heartening news was that all the 4 cubs of Indrani have survived and in fact most of the litter from last year has survived and there are at least about 20 young tigers romping about, in deed this is the time (15 to 18 months of age) when they get into fights and also are targeted by poachers but they have come this far and I have hope!

Oh yes! for the earlier part of the week we hand another wild guest with us – may be Swati will write about it some time later….

Long Live the Queen!!

She is Indrani the resident Queen of Indri, Kanha. Named by Uncle Denzel Stephens after the region where she reigns and the English news reader from Radio Sri Lanka of the same name. Seen in the picture are two of the young prince born barely 6 weeks ago!

She embodies in her the resilience to survive despite all odds and the majestic beauty of Indian wildlife at its best. We were fortunate enough to be granted attendance to her court for the royal viewing on Saturday morning, 11th June 2005

So as the Prime Ministers Task Force for Tiger conservation bumbles, stumbles and mumbles along giving importance to everything but the Tigers, the Tigers themselves are doing a great job, Indrani is just one of the three tigresses with a litter in the park. Currently including Indrani’s 4 there are a total of 10 cubs recorded more or less the same age but sadly, lament the conservationist and the naturalist, that it is almost sure that by the age of 15 to 18 months all of them would be dead – mostly gunned down by poachers and listed in records as being killed by other male tigers!!

Aasim has very innocently named the strongest cub “Rex” and hopes that he will see him as the King – I really doubt that he comprehends the irony of his naming of the cub but I do pray that the fate of these cubs is different