Strava Total Speed Chrome extension

Strava Total Speed Chrome extension, shows speed based on elapsed time.
Strava Total Speed Chrome extension, shows speed based on elapsed time.

Wrote a quick Chrome extension for Strava users. It shows your speed based on the total time elapsed rather than your moving time.

It is very helpful for long rides. The Stravatix author has promised to add the feature soon. Till then download from
Installation instructions:

Live Flickr Comments Importer

A quick note for those who follow my blog but not the SANIsoft blog. The WordPress Plugin to import comments from your Flickr Photos into your WordPress posts is now listed at and the plugin home page is at

Bug reports, feature request and patches most welcome

3 more jQuery plugins

Last week Aditya released two jQuery plugins

Without a doubt jQuery is the favorite javascript framework for everyone at SANIsoft. Developing plugins for jQuery is very easy and very well documented.

A bit of FOSS contribution

Over at SANIsoft in the past few days we released two small but very useful bits of code. The code was written to itch the classical ‘I need it’ itch. I do hope there will be more like me out there who would like to solve the same problems.

The links to downloads and demo are on the pages which I have linked above

WOW! that is a lot of downloads!

Was just leafing through the Coppermine Picture Gallery stats page and noticed that we have crossed 4 million downloads  from sourceforge alone to be precise it currently stands at 4,070,119 downloads

A huge thanks to the entire team who have been most wonderful over the years but  special thanks to  to Abbas, Aditya and Amit the three who besides being on the dev team work right here by my side at SANIsoft

Google Summer of Code 2007 & Coppermine Picture Gallery

Our Coppermine Picture Gallery has been chosen in to the Google Summer of Code(tm) 2007 program.

So if you have been reading what GSoC is all about and are a PHP programmer good enough, feel free to apply. Don’t ask me the details, you should be smart enough to find that.

Yeah! I am a potential mentor – you have been warned.