Give me programmers or give me death!!!!!

Damn! I am not even asking for developers.

WOW! that is a lot of downloads!

Was just leafing through the Coppermine Picture Gallery stats page and noticed that we have crossed 4 million downloads  from sourceforge alone to be precise it currently stands at 4,070,119 downloads

A huge thanks to the entire team who have been most wonderful over the years but  special thanks to  to Abbas, Aditya and Amit the three who besides being on the dev team work right here by my side at SANIsoft

Random Rules

17 Pithy Insights for Startup Employees:

If you’re not having fun, you’re in the wrong place.

I can tolerate anything in my organisation except rabble-rousing and back stabbing. She agrees as well

The myopic disgruntled employee

Every SME at some time or the other has this species on its payroll – His pet peeve is “Company sux my blood!”

Typical profile of this type of employee is that he is young, just out of college, intelligent, this probably is his first or second job and his parents in most of the cases were/are working in some (semi)government office. I don’t know how the last point co-relates but thats an observation.

Notably it does not matter what his salary is… his view of economics in a SME is frustratingly simple – the percentage of total project fee that I am getting as a salary is very small.

He coolly ignores that fact that whatever he is doing was largely learnt by him at the company’s expense and that skill is going to last with him for a life time. The realization of related costs involved running an outfit are non-existent for him and the fact that when there is no commercial work he still gets his salary does not matter.

Now that I have programmers who have been working with me for years, dealing with such types is thankfully mostly automatic they either become wise fast and correct their perspective or leave in a huff. This usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks – I don’t even want to start calculating the cost to company for the hours spent by several people on that idiot… It is just not worth my time. But, yes if you are just starting up and have very very small team these types are something to be wary of… they can be vicious enough to try and destroy their work before they leave. I learn’t to start using CVS precisely because of this.