17th Anniversary: Tadoba trails…

Yendbodi Waterhole tigress with cubs
Yendbodi Waterhole tigress with cubs

A very hectic work routine at the office, Aasim on a Himalyan trek – it looked like we were going to spend our 17th wedding anniversary doing mostly nothing. However on the flip side was an invitation from Kalyan who is shooting for National Geographic in the jungles of Tadoba. To hell with everything we said and decided to spend our anniversary in the blistering summer heat doing what we love most – photographing the wild with friends. Once decided everything else was a breeze thanks to all the meticulous planning by Swati and assurances by Kallu about taking care of logistics at Tadoba. Continue reading, 12 more pictures 🙂

The anniversary of blah!

Happy 16th Sweetheart!

“Aren’t you two bored of each other?” The question took me by surprise! No it has never occurred to me that I will get bored of Swati, but then perhaps I am too naive when it comes to marital relationships. For me this is one relationship where things are in black and white without any intervening gray shades. The question however did make me ponder as to why it should be raised at all and I cringed. Today I don’t want to wade thru the dissatisfactions of others trying to find why I am not… Heh! even writing that sounds pretty stupid. The day marks 16 years of being married to Swati.
I quoted Kaifi Azmi on our 10th anniversary

Dil me sanam ki soorat
Aakhon me aashiqui de
Mere khuda mujhe tu
Ek aur zindagi de

And that still holds true!

Ironically 7 years ago I did write Till boredom do us apart… and I have titled this as anniversary of blah simply because the 16th anniversary has no traditional gifts associated with it – so don’t try to read too much into it 🙂

Among more mundane things – no special plans for the day we may go out for dinner but the excitement is about getting everything ready for our Friday departure to Tanzania for 9 days!!

Today marks the duo-decennial anniversary of our marriage. Hard to imagine that about 10 years ago we had sat down and agreed to give it another year to work out…