Viper rescue!

Russell's Viper

We were returning after celebrating Aasim birthday party – as we rounded a corner we saw a Tata Sumo parked in middle of the road and a few people gathered around as Swati cautiously steered around – We saw a glimpse of a snake Swati slowed and I recognized it immediately. It was a Russell’s […]

Techno babble

Evidence that Aasim is exposed to too much techno babble and the net. On being asked what was he searching in the cupboards and drawers – “Nothing I am just surfing through them.” His comment on an erratically behaving digital wall clock – “That thing is randomly browsing through time.”

Parenting dilemma

A couple of your son’s friends have been caught flinching CDs and DVDs from his collection. You go and have a talk with the parents of the offending children and things are sorted out. BUT what do you tell your own son who has never faced such distrust and betrayal in friendship? What do you […]

Once you promise

Once you promise you have to…  the little girl chimed , She was one of Aasim’s friend asking for his bicycle for herself to ride. The sincerity with which she pleaded stuck with me. So as I had promised myself that I will update this journal more often here is it…  Earlier this week we […]

Growing Up and acting ones age…

Like Swati wrote Aasim turned nine yesterday but he had his party on Saturday. Playing the part of host does have some benefits… A gorgeous lady to me “Aasim will soon look like your younger brother than your son” Me “Thanks for complimenting me but it is Aasim’s party!” She – starting to blush.. Me […]

Reaching up

Today morning Aasim casually reached up and unlatched the top latch of our front door!! He is tall for a nine year old – the first image which flashed in front of my eyes was – Aasim about 15 months  old would walk upto the dining table around meal times and peer very critically at […]

Looking Good etc etc etc

Lately I have come across several parents who are so keen that their children appear to be “well adjusted” and not make them “look bad” in front of the their (parent’s) social acquaintances that they end up with children who are thoroughly de-spirited and totally lacking that urge to experiment or learn anything new. Well […]