The week ends

Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday. Was a week full of late nights, basically due to my latest toy Palm M505!
I have got most of the the things as per my preferences except for an Indian news channel on AvantGo. Guess I will make one for myself – PHP +!

More on LiveJournal

I really like the way this site (I would like to call it WEB App) has shaped-up. Last I saw was when friend Atul had referred me to it – he wanted a clone !? or some such thing – For the curious, that project never happened – The hottest idea then was this thing

Got two clients now

Downloaded the “Official Winduhs” Client, been looking up the developers area, it wouldn’t be very difficult to make a PHP-GTK client, hmmmm, the key factor is finding time to do it ….. have got at least 5 Open Source projects languishing due to lack of time BUT please note that does not imply that I

I got a client now!

PocketLJ – A palm based client available from the downloads area , but I guess I will get a proper PC based one as well – any recommendations?

The first post must have a subject

Finally joined LiveJournal – cool place, that was the easy task, the tough one will be be to keep this blog filled with meaningful and deeply inspiring notes! Hey what is this bloody s**t I am writing – this is supposed to be my blog – I will write what I please here