Life Updates!

Was going through older posts searching where to people land up with the weird search terms that I so often keep seeing in the analytics screen I felt the urge to do an LJ style update post (Take that Twitter!! You just don’t make the cut).

Things which are dominating my free time?  TV serials: Started watching LOST completed the 5 seasons and now up to sync with season 6, season 1 and 2 really held my attention but after that it was mostly watching something while I read thing. The serial which has really caught me up is Caprica. If you are a sci-fi buff or more specifically BSG then you should not miss it! Tells the story of 58 years before the War. Oh yes! You probably guessed it right I have picked up a WDTV.

The most recent books that I finished were “Raiders from the North” by Alex Rutherford, “Goddess of the Market” by Jennifer Burns and “Spectacular India” by Shobha De. The selection doesn’t really represent my likings but since I have gotten better reading glasses I am enjoying reading anything I can get my hands on ;-)

The bird photography has slackened a bit but last Sunday we drove around in the non-protected areas of the Bor wildlife Sanctuary, an almost 230km trip. No we did not see any big cats, though it would not have been unlikely we did see a good number of birds. A photo lifer for me was Green Heron. Meanwhile I have been updating my Flickr account fairly regularly. Have a conceptual photo-shoot planned with a Painter for tomorrow, let see how that goes.

Have been coding on a few itches – basically WordPress plugins for better Flickr integration. WordPress code is a nightmare but it gets the job done very well and that is what ultimately counts – Interested? Have written about them here

Pale-billed Flowerpecker

This bird is rather plain looking, it not is endangered or rare but still getting a full frame photograph was a thrill! Pale-billed flowerpecker (Dicaeum erythrorhynchos) is a tiny bird, 8 cm long, and is one of the smallest birds occurring in most parts of southern India and Sri Lanka. It is reportedly common in … Continue reading Pale-billed Flowerpecker

Bay-backed Shrike

This post is merely for testing my latest Flickr related WordPress plugin – Flickr foto info. If you view this post on my blog – hover your mouse over the picture above…. Amongst other thing – this picture made it to Flickr explore on 27th Feb 2010, rising to #5 You can grab the plugin … Continue reading Bay-backed Shrike

The quest for “Dongar Dudaa”

The quest had long been in the making but it was being postponed for quite some time because I knew whenever we started out we will surely complete it. Umm… will cut out the dramatics – “Dongar Duda” is the local Korkus name for the critically endangered Forest Owlet, Heteroglaux blewitti.

Rann of Kutch: Day 7 – Last day and the Last word!

All good things come to an end would be a cliché but then they do and today was the last day of this mega birding trip and it was a fitting end I would say! We had reserved the morning for the McQueen’s Bustard. The day started with a close encounter with a Steppe eagle. … Continue reading Rann of Kutch: Day 7 – Last day and the Last word!

Rann of Kutch: Day 6 – Republic Day

26th Jan, 2010: Roughly 250 kilometers on bumpy terrain with temperature ranging from 7 degrees Celsius to 34 degree Celsius and lots of dust. Am dead tired, my face it all chapped but it was the best Republic day celebration for me ever

Rann of Kutch: Day 5 – Day of nothing much.

25th Jan, 2010: This can be termed as “The day when nothing much happened”. We left CEDO, Nakhtrana at 6:00 am and reached Rann Riders , Dasada at 12:00 a distance of 350km.

Rann of Kutch: Day 4 – Super speciality birding!

24th Jan, 2010: A day of “Super specialty birding” is what I would call the day! Swati and Aasim opted to stay back due to yesterday’s tiring drive. So I went along with Mr Jugal Tiwari to a thorn forest near Banni grassland searching for the first target species of the day. “White-naped Tit” – … Continue reading Rann of Kutch: Day 4 – Super speciality birding!

Rann of Kutch: Day 3 – Bonanza continues…

23rd Jan, 2010: Started the day with an excyrsion to the Naliya Grasslands. The trip started off well with spotting of a Male Pallid Harrier soaking up the heat of the early morning sun. As soon as we had enough of the Harrier we spotted another beautiful lifer Black Francolin.

Rann of Kutch: Day 2 – A day of plenty!

22nd Jan, 2010:  The night was an uneasy one for Swati, she sweated out her fever, but that had the advantage – she was feeling much better in the morning. We were up at 6:00 and out at 6:30 as planned. It was pretty cold in the Banni Grasslands. The first target species for the … Continue reading Rann of Kutch: Day 2 – A day of plenty!