Last month @ SANIsoft blog April 1, 2011

Announcing the release of Sphinx Search book Many of you must be following my posts on Sphinx Search Engine over the past one year or so. Well, today I am happy to announce the release of my book Sphinx Search – Beginner’s Guide published by Packt Publishing. The book was released earlier this month, that […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog March 1, 2011

[CakePHP] How to show ‘all’ records options while still using paginate Admittedly this is a marginal case but recently a client wanted to show “All” records along with a list of ‘per page’ options for paginated records, for example, something like ‘2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, All’ or you need to use ‘field sort’ […]

Kindle 3 keyboard shortcuts that I frequently use and some more

This is more of note to self but at the same time I feel it will benefit someone some day alt + shift + G takes a screenshot which gets stored in the document folder as a png file alt + G will refresh the screen, this is useful to remove the ghosting which may […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog February 1, 2011

[How to] Optgroups in select for Drupal CCK module Many times we have taxonomy terms with parent/child relation with requirement that only the child taxonomy should be selected while adding a new content. One such case is Category/Albums in a photo gallery where one must select an album while adding a photo but category plays […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog January 1, 2011

[How To] Live index updates in Sphinx search Sphinx search engine can index huge databases with ease and speed. However, when new data (in database or the configured data source) comes in, there is no point in re-indexing everything again and waste our CPU cycles and other resources. Sphinx offers live (almost real time) index […]

Travails of 2010 and some new year resolutions


The year gone by can be best described as a year of photography and traveling. I started the new year with my 20th picture on Flickr explore, but the novelty of Flickr explore wore off pretty soon as I got a front page explore again and then 40 pictures and finally 50+. We traveled to […]

Botswana trip – Camping in the heart of Moremi and Savuti

The camp fire

The seed for the trip to Botswana was planted when we were in the Serengeti plains of Tanzania in May. Amit Sharma, my good friend of many years said that there was a great price deal and photographer Vincent Grafhorst will be our host. I was instantly hooked. Six months was a long time but […]

An amazing journey – Aasim at

IT com 2000

Yesterday Swati was reminiscing about how the event now called as began and what an amazing journey it has been for the past 10 years. Leafing thru the photos we realized that the journey has been more so for Aasim who began it as a 3 year old in ITcom 2000 and has been […]