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Last month @ SANIsoft blog January 1, 2011

[How To] Live index updates in Sphinx search Sphinx search engine can index huge databases with ease and speed. However, when new data (in database or the configured data source) comes in, there is no point in re-indexing everything again and waste our CPU cycles and other resources. Sphinx offers live (almost real time) index updates using a technique called as main+delta scheme. [...] [How To] Create content type with CCK fields from your custom Read More…

Travails of 2010 and some new year resolutions


The year gone by can be best described as a year of photography and traveling. I started the new year with my 20th picture on Flickr explore, but the novelty of Flickr explore wore off pretty soon as I got a front page explore again and then 40 pictures and finally 50+. We traveled to the Rann of Kutch for a week in the last week of January and got a lot of bird (and Read More…

Botswana trip – Camping in the heart of Moremi and Savuti

The camp fire

The seed for the trip to Botswana was planted when we were in the Serengeti plains of Tanzania in May. Amit Sharma, my good friend of many years said that there was a great price deal and photographer Vincent Grafhorst will be our host. I was instantly hooked. Six months was a long time but there were things which took long, like the Johannesburg visa, plans were changed which meant re-booking tickets several Times. Tweet

An amazing journey – Aasim at

IT com 2000

Yesterday Swati was reminiscing about how the event now called as began and what an amazing journey it has been for the past 10 years. Leafing thru the photos we realized that the journey has been more so for Aasim who began it as a 3 year old in ITcom 2000 and has been there every year ever since. Tweet

Last month @ SANIsoft blog December 1, 2010

[How To] Post data using PHP streams Recently, I needed to work on a project that needed to post information to another site without the user actually leaving the site and I needed to do this more than thrice and to different urls ! And I did it! Any guesses how ? What ? Ajax ? No! ? CURL you say ? [...] [How To]Use user-defined variable in MySQL LIMIT clause Recently, I got a Read More…

Last month @ SANIsoft blog November 1, 2010

[HowTo] Backup and Restore MySql Databases Do you have a backup of your important mysql databases ? No ? Think about it .. What if you have a Operating System / Filesystem crash ? What if your databases get corrupted due to some reason ? What if you accidentally drop your database or some important tables ? What if you want [...] [CakePHP] Sending JSON data in response to a controller action In my last Read More…

Last month @ SANIsoft blog October 1, 2010

[Getting Started] Functional tests using Selenium Remote Control (RC) If you don’t like testing your application, most likely your users won’t like to test it either. If you have read my last post on Selenium IDE or have used Selenium IDE before read on, we are moving into the next level, if you have not I really recommend reading this post or update yourself [...] [CakePHP] Passing data from controller to javascript files These days Read More…

200,006 Published Words!!!

200000 Words

Yesterday I installed WP Word Count plugin and was surprised at the results Wow! Have I really written so much, and most of it non consequential? Doing some rough maths, one printed novel page has about 250 words which makes the count to 800 pages…. Now only if they were worth something Tweet

The Serengeti trail!

The GPS trail in Serengeti National Park

There is a place on Earth where there is still morning of life and the great herds run free – Serengeti plains of East Africa. This is long over due post but after writing the above quote a couple of months ago it was just lying in the draft…. No particular reason, just as there is no particular reason why I completed it today Tweet