Last month @ SANIsoft blog January 1, 2011

[How To] Live index updates in Sphinx search Sphinx search engine can index huge databases with ease and speed. However, when new data (in database or the configured data source) comes in, there is no point in re-indexing everything again and waste our CPU cycles and other resources. Sphinx offers live (almost real time) index […]

Botswana trip – Camping in the heart of Moremi and Savuti

The camp fire

The seed for the trip to Botswana was planted when we were in the Serengeti plains of Tanzania in May. Amit Sharma, my good friend of many years said that there was a great price deal and photographer Vincent Grafhorst will be our host. I was instantly hooked. Six months was a long time but […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog October 1, 2010

[Getting Started] Functional tests using Selenium Remote Control (RC) If you don’t like testing your application, most likely your users won’t like to test it either. If you have read my last post on Selenium IDE or have used Selenium IDE before read on, we are moving into the next level, if you have not […]

200,006 Published Words!!!

200000 Words

Yesterday I installed WP Word Count plugin and was surprised at the results Wow! Have I really written so much, and most of it non consequential? Doing some rough maths, one printed novel page has about 250 words which makes the count to 800 pages…. Now only if they were worth something Tweet