Reviving the journal

After a lot of reluctance I am pushing myself to revive the journal writing, this time though I am going to use a self hosted WordPress on my site at Yes the URL says blog but I essentially want to keep this as a journal. No! I do not want to revive the journal vs. blog flame wars.

If you are reading this on the Live Journal site – you will notice that the entry has been cross posted, I will cross post perhaps for a few days and then stop… All the entries right from 2002 have been imported in to the WordPress install.

In a reversal of sorts I have decided to host my pictures at flickr and will be using the blog to post links to them. The current Coppermine install at will stay because of SEO reasons, but sooner or later I will make the complete site WordPress based.

For the interested the theme used is a modification of Amazing grace theme – I chose this theme for the rotating headers and warm colors – am finally getting bored of dark colors for my websites 🙂 Anyone having any suggestions for themes are most welcome.

Some day I will make a list of all the widgets and plugins I use.