Live forever Atul!

Sometime 1998/99: “Sweetheart Mr. Atul Chitnis himself replied to your email. You are going to write a review of GIMP for PCQuest!!” This was our first contact with Atul, Swati was very unsure as to what will she write but another email from Atul and she was fine. Atul himself had edited the first draft […]

10 years of journaling…

The first picture I ever put on my journal

Exactly 10 years ago I wrote my first rather inane journal entry on Live Journal. Seems a very long time ago from one perspective and then not. It is interesting to look at your past 10 years on a single page. The most visually striking thing is perhaps my travails as a photographer from the early days […]



There is something primordial about a croc lurking in the shade of trees in a placid river… The binomial name for the Nile Crocodile; Crocodylus niloticus is derived from the Greek kroko (“pebble”), deilos (“worm”, or “man”), referring to its rough skin; and niloticus, meaning “from the Nile River”. The Nile crocodile is called Timsah […]