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Want to try out the Searchmoney beta but looks like the invites are pretty restricted.

Can any Yahooligan on my friends list help?

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  • 14:11 Catching up with school friends is always much nicer than with college friends #
  • 22:02 Re-reading stories by Sadat Hasan Manto… #

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There are no limits

Aasim read Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the first time. Title of the post is what he had to say when he finished!

When I am feeling blue…

Hibiscus Macro

I like to look at pink….

Smiles from a time gone by…

Soon we will be crossing 25 years to our admission into medical college and some great celebrations are planned, but something more interesting is happening right now – one of my friends Dr. Anup Marar got an idea of creating an SMS based list and we have around 45 people exchanging titbits of nostalgia through out the day.

Here are some hilarious lines attributed to an Anatomy lecturer we had

“Don’t you talk in front of my back!”
“Keep quite Dr. Patki (the hod) is revolving in the department”
A note to a surgeon “Pt.(patient) not passed urine since 2 day. Pl.(please) come and pass urine.”

P.S. As a techno-social side note – an SMS list has worked much better than say a regular email list would have because very few doctors are constantly online but almost everyone has their phones 24×7 with them.

Freed I am not!

On Saturday after a lot of deliberation we decided to cancel our tickets to FREED.IN

Believe me it was a hard decision, with so many fantastic talks lined up, more than that an opportunity to meet friends whom we otherwise see IRL just about once or twice a year.

One talk which I would have really loved to attend was Sankarshan‘s  “Communities is an oft used word” because I totally agree with him when he writes that mechanical analysis of communities is annoying.

Besides, with temperatures already nearing 40C here in Nagpur, Delhi would have been a nice break – I don’t even want to start enumerating the reasons why we are not going.

Sometimes – life just sux “What’s a guy gotta do” he has to do…

Flame bait?

(05:32:57 PM) Swati: useless bunch of low self esteem women!
(05:33:06 PM) Tarique: Sweetheart not everyone plays the same games as you do.

A Perfect Party

Someone from Thane just commented on my previous entry that I was ancient! I guess from a younger man’s perspective, in a world where everything from relationships to fun is seemingly short lived, I, at 41, am ancient but I can assure you that real fun starts at 40 😉

What the ingredients for my perfect party?

#1 A group of close friends
#2 Something to celebrate – I hate the senseless “let’s party” parties
#3 Awesome food – the prerequisite to applying the adjective awesome is atleast 3 types of kebabs or 4 types of Pizzas
#4 Lots of booze – for the record I no longer drink but I absolutely love to make people drunk 😛

Past few days have been a string of such parties with friends from school – some of the boys and gals I hadn’t met for more than 10 years but that hardly came in the way. We even sat in a circle and shared the bottle like we use to do with our lunch boxes.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Got the best Christmas gift I could ever hope for! Several dozen of my school friends are in town for the 25th year re-union of our passing out…

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way…

Not so sucky after all!

Saturday I wrote to someone
(06:47:09 PM) Tarique: life SUX – it is weekend and I am dreading it

After the *adrenaline and endorphin high* from of the past week waning, I was feeling kind of lost… Had planned to hook up with some friends to go a nearby village and see the Bar-headed geese but that fizzled out. So decided to sleep late…. 

Woke up at 9 which is late by everyday standards but still early enough to go bird watching – by 9:30 we were out, much to the annoyance of Swati’s hypothetical mom in-law. A three kilometer drive and we were walking the catchment area of Ambhazari lake. Seeing that the number of migratory arrivals has increased was heartening. We spent the next two and a half hours there and racked up a massive count of 104 species! including a pair for Bar-headed geese. Got very few pictures though as my D70 is now nearly dead and refuses to focus, doing a manual focus is too frustrating to be worth its while.

Between all this Swati could talk to her cook at home and we knew that there will be hot aloo parathas waiting for us. On the way we stopped at the DVD shop and picked up some DVD/VCD among them was 8 VCD set of “Yeh jo hai zindagi” and much to our delight Aasim is absolutely loving the series. Watched 2 episodes… post lunch time was spent watching the movie “Mumbai Salsa” an ok movie to watch once….

Evening? – thats best left out of a public entry….