Strava Total Speed Chrome extension

Strava Total Speed Chrome extension, shows speed based on elapsed time.
Strava Total Speed Chrome extension, shows speed based on elapsed time.

Wrote a quick Chrome extension for Strava users. It shows your speed based on the total time elapsed rather than your moving time.

It is very helpful for long rides. The Stravatix author has promised to add the feature soon. Till then download from
Installation instructions:

Using themes in CakePHP 3

Almost every application I code has themes which either the end user can change or the admin can set or can be changed on the fly. Doing all these things was easy in CakePHP 2.x. With the first alpha release of CakePHP 3.x I was naturally keen to try out how theming worked with V3.

Wrote about using themes in CakePHP 3 at the SANIsoft blog. Themes in CakePHP version 3 are now full fledged plugins. This allows for a lot of flexibility and helps in keeping your code DRY. I have added a step by step example where I use Twitter Bootstrap to theme baked Post views. The steps are simple and have complete code for your use for the layout and index.ctp

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eBird widget plugin for WordPress

eBird Widget plugin solves the problem of showing data from eBird on to a website which runs wordpress. First I should elaborate what eBird is – is a website which has a real-time, online checklist program. It does so by providing Global tools for birders which help in recording birds sightings, keep track of your bird lists, explore dynamic maps and graphs, share your sightings and join the eBird community and some more. The problem is that the sharing part is not too well evolved.

Just released the version 1 eBird widget for wordpress and wrote a post about it on the SANIsoft blog. The plugin uses wp_cron to fetch the data from eBird site in the background, thus the page load times are not affected. Read the complete blog post

CakePHP 3 is coming

“CakePHP 3 is coming” I said, a colleague remarked,  “Why are you saying it like – Winter is coming?”.

We have been working with CakePHP almost since its inception nearly 10 years ago. We have survived the winter of converting from version 1.2 to 2.0 with great benefits and I am eagerly looking forward to using CakePHP 3 for greater benefits. The roadmap document clearly states that CakePHP 3.0 represents a significant break in backwards compatibility.

Wrote a short introduction about the upcoming CakePHP version 3 at the SANIsoft blog. The biggest takeaways for me are

  1. Installation via composer
  2. Complete rewrite of the ORM
  3. Validation is now a service
  4. Session no longer static
  5. Themes are now plugins
  6. Changes to FormHelper

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