Mutton Biryani in a Pressure Cooker

Traditionally you cook Mutton Biryani over a slow wood fire. Modern urban life does not lend itself to such indulgences. Swati who just launched her kitchen blog has learned and perfected the art of making the complete Dum Mutton Biryani in pressure cooker. Apart from the marination which can be anything between 3 hours to […]


Sahir Ludhianvi has written both the verses Kal aur ayenge nagmon ki Khilti kaliyan choonewale Mujhese behetar kahenewale Tumse behetar sunnewale Kal koi mujhko yaad karhey Kyon koi mujhko yaad karhey Masruf zamana mere liye Kyon waqt apna barbadh kare Versus Tujhko Mujhko Jeevan Amrit, Ab In Haathon Se Peena Hai Inki Dhadkan Mein Basna […]

From self downing to self acceptance!

From self downing to self acceptance

One of the roadblocks that many people face on the path to happiness is self downing. In Self downing you believe that you are not good enough. This in some sets of a chain reaction of irrational demands leading to unhealthy negative emotions and self defeating behaviours. A simple thumb rule to know that a […]

Twitter bootstrap forms in CakePHP 3

Wrote about how to get Twitter bootstrap forms in CakePHP 3. Twitter bootstrap is probably the most popular of the CSS frameworks, getting to know how to manipulate the CakePHP 3 forms to use it is a useful thing to know. So what are the thumb rules for using custom templates, Widgets and form helpers? […]

Beginning Therapy? Some tips to remember…


Beginning Therapy? Just the fact that you have decided to seek help of a therapist is a huge step forward towards your emotional well being. REBT is generally short term and often didactic. To make the best out of your sessions I would like to suggest a few tips which will help you maximise the […]

10 free minimalist WordPress themes

In my previous post I wrote about some premium minimalistic themes and had promised that I will make a post about free minimalist wordpress themes next. So here it is, I am making good on my promise. All of these themes are available as free and open source themes. Some of them surpass several paid […]

Change markup for pagination in CakePHP 3

Wrote about pagination in CakePHP 3 at the SANIsoft blog. Lots of things are changing in CakePHP 3, so decided to write a series about it. CakePHP 3 introduces an elegant solution to this problem in the form of PaginatorHelper templates. PaginatorHelper templates allow you to easily separate the markup from your code and keep […]

Minimalist WordPress themes – Premium version!

Recently I was required to search Minimalist WordPress Themes for a friend of mine. She did not mind it being a paid theme. Here are the ones which I shortlisted for her. These are all premium themes. If you want free themes you will have to wait for the next post where I will post […]