Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades

It is estimated that an alarming 62% of students are marinating in toxic anxiety. I came across this article by Kristen Lee Costa which is headlined “Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades” I wholeheartedly agree with it!

She points out 5 key lessons to keep in mind if you or someone you love is in the throes of college-related stress:

  1. Know that education is a privilege.
  2. Don’t scratch that ridiculous perfectionism itch.
  3. Resist the bait of imposter syndrome.
  4. Become a time management ninja.
  5. Remember you’re not alone.

The article has details on each of the points and then some more.

"V.M. Doroshevich-East and War-Student of University of Madras" by Uncredited photographer - Page 113 from the book Vlas Mikhailovich Doroshevich «East and War», Moscow. Sytin publisher, 1905.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -