Blacksmith Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing - Adult

Blacksmith Lapwing - Adult

The Blacksmith Lapwing or Blacksmith Plover (Vanellus armatus) occurs commonly from Kenya through central Tanzania to southern and southwestern Africa. The vernacular name derives from the repeated metallic ‘tink, tink, tink’ alarm call, which suggests a blacksmith’s hammer striking an anvil.

6 thoughts on “Blacksmith Lapwing

  1. Gorgeous shot. Love the creamy bokeh. Just lush.

  2. very nice shot … VOTED°°° :)

  3. Interesting Lapwing and beautiful shot ~ voted !

  4. Great angle, well captured.

  5. A wonderful image!!!

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  6. A wonderful image!!!

    They also added this photo to their favourites

  7. Superb capture and comp. Such an elegant pose.

  8. Great pose, very nice framing!!!

  9. beautiful dof and compo !

  10. Lovely and beautiful work !!

  11. Excellent shot. Nice low angle.

  12. Excellent shot. Nice low angle.

  13. Great shot !!!!! Find time to visit us .

  14. Interesting bird, good shot!

  15. Wonderfull composition and very good light.

  16. Superb shot,wonderful detail

  17. Difficult to get the eye colour well done Tarique

  18. A great looking bird and picture Tarique.

  19. Flickr: Karthik N Rao says:

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  20. nice one good work , voted !!!

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