Reset/Restart a frozen Kindle

A quick note to myself, while I still recover from my first Kindle Krash Slide and hold the power switch for at least 15 seconds, this is way past when the green light on the power switch  goes off indicating that the Kindle has been turned off Release the switch Slide the power switch again […]

500px is not Flickr

Suddenly everyone and their cousin is talking about a Flickr alternative that is attracting users in large numbers – 500px, oh! well, 45k may be large for some I have been putting my digital photographs online since past 10+ years and have moved from uploading them to my own personal site, to flickr and then […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog June 1, 2011

[CakePHP] Organizing themes in sub-folders CakePHP offers a wonderful built-in theming solution. However, the only shortfall is that all themes are to be kept in a single folder and there is no direct way to organize them in sub-folders. This post assumes that you are familiar with CakePHP Theming concepts. If not, then head on […]