Kindle 3 keyboard shortcuts that I frequently use and some more

This is more of note to self but at the same time I feel it will benefit someone some day

  • alt + shift + G takes a screenshot which gets stored in the document folder as a png file
  • alt + G will refresh the screen, this is useful to remove the ghosting which may at times occur
  • shift + alt + m on home screen will start the built in mine sweeper game and if you are into games on kindle take a look here
  • alt + top row of letters will type out numbers
  • Slide and hold the power switch for long enough and it turns off your kindle – further investigations reveal that this is 7 seconds to turn off and holding it for 15 seconds will reset it
  • alt + B while reading adds and removes bookmarks
  • alt + space turns music on and off (mp3 should be uploaded in Kindle’s ‘music’ folder
  • shift + Sym turns speech on and off Space pauses it
  • Skip chapters in a book by using right and left on the nav controller
  • I discovered that pressing G when in Minesweeper starts GoMoku

The are some things which I want to try but have not as yet –

  • Use the Image Viewer in Kindle
  • Try using Calibre to remove DRM from the books I have purchased
  • Try out the  alternate Kindle OS Duokan. Works without jail breaking and claims better PDF rendering

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