Osprey – A legendary bird

Osprey in flight
Osprey in flight

There are some species of birds which are common, almost everyone and their aunts have a great picture of them but I somehow do not have any decent pictures. The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) till very recently was one such species. Continue reading for some interesting trivia and 2 more pictures

Indian Muntjac

Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)

All my previous sighting s of this animal have been fleeting glimpses as it disappeared into the bushes. Indian Muntjac commonly known as the Indian barking deer is a small, very alert and shy member of the deer family. Read more with one more photograph

Last month @ SANIsoft blog January 1, 2011

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Travails of 2010 and some new year resolutions

Last foss.in
Last foss.in

The year gone by can be best described as a year of photography and traveling.

I started the new year with my 20th picture on Flickr explore, but the novelty of Flickr explore wore off pretty soon as I got a front page explore again and then 40 pictures and finally 50+. We traveled to the Rann of Kutch for a week in the last week of January and got a lot of bird (and a few animal) photographs.

February saw me doing the long over due drive to Mallura Village in Melghat in quest for the the Forest owlet . The pictures I brought back from that trip have been in demand by several publications and websites.

I started collaborating with Lalit Vikamshi and we have been doing some very interesting experiments with studio photography since then…

Mid May we took another trip and this time it was to Tanzania, It was an wonderful and unique experience and once again there were a lot of photographs, in fact 14000+ I finally managed to post-process upload the last of selected few in November. Just before the trip we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary

I got myself an iPad and became a fan.

September I tried out the 750 Words experiment successfully, turned 44 and noticed that my blog has 200006 published words.

The trip Botswana trip I planned with Amit Sharma materialized and we camped in the heart of Moremi and Savuti.

The most significant event of the year for me was the last foss.in, it was an amazing journey for all of us. For the curious Atul has written why it was the last. We stayed one day more and took the last wildlife trip of the year to B.R. Hills with Kalyan and stayed at the awesome Gorukana Resort

Resolutions: I have never been too much of a new year resolutions person but this year I have decided that starting 1st Jan for 100 days I will be a vegetarian and not take any alcohol. The second resolution is to continue with writing 750 Words daily for next 100 days