Botswana trip – Camping in the heart of Moremi and Savuti

The camp fire
The camp fire

The seed for the trip to Botswana was planted when we were in the Serengeti plains of Tanzania in May. Amit Sharma, my good friend of many years said that there was a great price deal and photographer Vincent Grafhorst will be our host. I was instantly hooked. Six months was a long time but there were things which took long, like the Johannesburg visa, plans were changed which meant re-booking tickets several Times. Continue reading, 14 more pictures of the camp

An amazing journey – Aasim at

Yesterday Swati was reminiscing about how the event now called as began and what an amazing journey it has been for the past 10 years. Leafing thru the photos we realized that the journey has been more so for Aasim who began it as a 3 year old in ITcom 2000 and has been there every year ever since.

IT com 2000
IT com 2000

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