Last month @ SANIsoft blog October 1, 2010

  • [Getting Started] Functional tests using Selenium Remote Control (RC)
    If you don’t like testing your application, most likely your users won’t like to test it either. If you have read my last post on Selenium IDE or have used Selenium IDE before read on, we are moving into the next level, if you have not I really recommend reading this post or update yourself […]
  • [CakePHP] Passing data from controller to javascript files
    These days javascript is becoming the indispensable tool for a web developer. Each and every web application uses javascript for one or the other purpose. While working with CakePHP based projects, we need to pass variables from PHP (controller) to javascript a lot of times. To pass a variable from controller to view, Controller::set() method […]
  • [HowTo] Retrieve your Gmail emails using simple IMAP protocol
    While developing applications in PHP, I might have used the simple mail() number of times to create an interface to send emails across the web. On a normal working day, I just woke up in the morning and thought, “Is there any chance for me to retrieve emails from any mail service provider like Gmail??” […]
  • [iPhone] Core Data, Tabbar and Navigation Controller
    Core Data is a very powerful framework for persistent data management for iPhone developers. It allows you to define you data model by abstracting your model object. I am not going to talk about what Core Data is about and how to use it normally. A lot has been already written about it. Feel free […]