200,006 Published Words!!!

200000 Words

Yesterday I installed WP Word Count plugin and was surprised at the results Wow! Have I really written so much, and most of it non consequential? Doing some rough maths, one printed novel page has about 250 words which makes the count to 800 pages…. Now only if they were worth something Tweet

The Serengeti trail!

The GPS trail in Serengeti National Park

There is a place on Earth where there is still morning of life and the great herds run free – Serengeti plains of East Africa. This is long over due post but after writing the above quote a couple of months ago it was just lying in the draft…. No particular reason, just as there […]


I miss the days when people had journals and not blogs, but as I have written before Facebook and Twitter have killed that. Writing a post about birthdays use to be an event in itself. I for one would wait for friends to write their birthday post to wish them and read about what they […]

Last month @ SANIsoft blog September 1, 2010

[CakePHP] How to re-size images at run-time This is a helper + controller combo for CakePHP which I often use. It helps to re-size images at run-time and also aid display them. Oh yes! once the image is resized it also caches them. First let’s look at helper method. PLAIN TEXT PHP: class MyHelper extends […]