Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

@brainzacharya @fox2mike @sidcarter Thanks for the wishes folks! # @popcorn09 @tasneem_ali @palewar @chetanweb Thanks for the wishes! # Fun was had while making +100 RT @swatisani: – Roast chicken on bed of vegetables #dinner # @beNeha Thanks for the wishes. in reply to beNeha # @sunshin3girl Thanks – yes the day was awesome in […]


I miss the days when people had journals and not blogs, but as I have written before Facebook and Twitter have killed that. Writing a post about birthdays use to be an event in itself. I for one would wait for friends to write their birthday post to wish them and read about what they […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

@lazygarfield May be sexy bookmarks will work better on your blog # RT @WarrenWhitlock Seth Godin Learns that Publishing is Dead # @PranayPPatil @lazygarfield Exactly what you said is wrong with ShareIt in reply to PranayPPatil # Watching "To catch a thief" another of Alfred Hitchcock classic! A must watch #movie # @adityamooley […]