Marsh dart damselflies

Marsh darts are slender and small damselflies with varied coloration. These non-iridescent damselflies rest with wings closed over their body. The wings are transparent and rounded at the tip. The long and slender abdomen is slightly longer than the hind wing. Some of the smallest damselflies like the Golden Dartlet (Ischnura aurora) is from this […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

Koun saala pitega? Thok dalege! ;-)RT @ashokbanker: Saala pitwayegaa! RT @tariquesani: @ashokbanker How about an interview with Kaykai? # @Ramblinggeek Focus on quality not quantity #Nagpur in reply to Ramblinggeek # @Ramblinggeek Whatever marks you get in whichever exam – they ultimately will not count for much! in reply to Ramblinggeek # @Ramblinggeek F*** the […]