Flash: The shoe fits!

She coughed! This was desperate attempt to make the royal messenger notice that there was another in the house. The stepsisters scoffed and sneered but the royal guards intervened and Cinderella finally got her chance. The royal messenger eagerly but with no less pompousness carried the shoe towards Cindy! Last night started flashing past her eyes… Oh! How she had danced and the prince had been so charming… her lips still burned… and then at midnight she had to run! Smart as she was she had left her shoe behind, she dared not do anything more! So read what happened next!

Marsh dart damselflies

Damsels in love ;-)
Coromandel Marsh Darts mating

Marsh darts are slender and small damselflies with varied coloration. These non-iridescent damselflies rest with wings closed over their body. The wings are transparent and rounded at the tip. The long and slender abdomen is slightly longer than the hind wing. Some of the smallest damselflies like the Golden Dartlet (Ischnura aurora) is from this family. Marsh Darts are found throughout the world. World over, this family is represented by about 1147 species. Within Indian limits, 65 species are known and in peninsular India 25 species are recorded. The marsh darts breed in a variety of aquatic habitats like ponds, marshes, streams and rivers. Though most of the species are closely associated with aquatic habitats, some species like the Common Marsh Dart (Ceriagrion coromandelianum) can be found far away from any aquatic habitat.

If you are interested you can download the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Peninsular India – A Field Guide. An excellent book which has been released under a Creative Commons license by the Indian Academy of Sciences

P.S. I know about the book because it has some pictures taken by ‘Yours truly’ – including the one depicted above

One-spot Grass Yellow Butterfly (Eurema andersonii)

Yellow on yellow!
One-spot Grass Yellow Butterfly

The article on One-spot Grass Yellow on Wikipedia is sadly just a stub – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurema_andersonii. Expand it if you have the knowledge

Getting on to Flickr Explore

Explored #1 on 7th Oct 2009
#1 on Explore

Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise when a flickr contact told me that my picture of Crimson Marsh Glider had made it to #1 position on Flickr Explore for 7th Oct 2009. Some friends asked how or what I did because it is well known that making it to explore is based on a complex secret algorithm and it is not just the quality of your photograph that counts. Read what did I do!

Ek Lamha – A moment

Ek Lamha

zindagi naam hain kuch lamho ka
aur unme mein bhi wahi ek lamha
jisme do bolti aankhen
chai ki pyali se jab uthein
to dil mein doobey
doob ke dil mein kahe
aaj tum kuch na kaho
aaj hum kuch na kahein
bas unhi baithey rahe
haath mein haath liye
gum ki saugaat liye
kaun jaane ki isi lamhe mein
door parbat par kahin barf pighalne hi lage

~Kaifi Azmi

Love the simplicity of language in this poem and how it creates a very lucid imagery, lastly the hope that poet has…