Ilzaam [Blame]

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a true rebel poet was an atheist but is often noted for mentioning God in his poems. One such instance which had me elated and moved was in the poem which follows Continue reading Ilzaam [Blame]

Aankhon mein teri… …

Aankhon mein teri... ...
Aankhon mein teri... ...

In many ways this portrait is a remake of an old one of Swati which I had taken nearly 7 years ago. Read strobist info

Why is it known as a blue?

Plains cupid (Chilades pandava) - Underside
Plains cupid - a blue butterfly?

One of the first question that the beginners of butterfly watching ask is “Why are the ‘The Blues’ group of butterflies called as such?” Continue reading to find out why?

Nagpur PHP Meetup – August 2009

Aditya Mooley has a write up on the second Nagpur PHP Meetup

Common Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus)

Papilio demoleus
Papilio demoleus - the most common of the swallowtails

Taking this picture day before yesterday was a gentle reminder for me that one need not always have exotic subjects to create good looking photographs

Read some info on Lime Butterfly

Using hair light – A mini HowTo

Sanchita - would be boring without the hair light

If you have just started studio photography and find that in most of the  portraits you take the heads of your models appear to be stuck on to the background or worse you can’t see the differentiation between the model and your backdrop the chances are – you are missing the hair light! Continue reading Using hair light – A mini HowTo