A face for the unnamed… …

Sangita De
Sangita - always a friend!

Sangita! If there was anyone in my life I place after my mother it would be her. Even though she is just a year older to me she always held that place of a woman I could go to for comfort. I have known her since I was fifteen. We grew up together, kept in touch for a long long time but as fate would have it, life took somewhat divergent paths about ten years ago.

We finally got back in touch a few weeks ago. She was in Australia and said that she would be visiting Nagpur for a short duration.

She was here for the weekend – Ten years is a long long time specially when you are much older forty something… what so ever you have achieved if you are human, you have some rigid ideas, some dark corners you don’t want to go into even though they bother you a lot. Life is what everyone wants to called is “Settled” which is somewhat of an euphemism for things which you could not deal with you have swept under the carpet.

The two days Sangita was here we went at each other with piercing flashlights ruthlessly illuminating and picking at each others past dark corners and I am so glad that we did that exercise for our sake. Both of us gained fresh perspectives on things which we never felt we could talk to anyone any longer.

Another thing that had always bothered me was that Sangita never allowed me to take any pictures of her – this time around I fixed that as well. What you see above is one of the examples of what I could manage.

Here is something which I said and she liked very much

"When you deal with love as a currency, do remember, between two people the exchange rates may vary"

The only regret is that we hardly got any time – after all two days are too less to catch up with ten years of past but I shall not be greedy…

Incidentally this picture is hosted on Flickr and I intend to keep that account active from now on!

  • Deepa Mohan

    That’s an exquisite photograph Tarique. Lovely to rekindle old friendships!

  • Ranjit

    Thats really good writing, Tarique. Heartfelt and honest, yet not maudlin. Loved it. Ranjit

    • Thanks Ranjit, and nice to see you comment here 🙂

  • Sangita

    This was indeed a first hand experience, a real validation of what Lennon said “when you are with those who love you, you become lovely” Tarique and Sangita – they can SEE each and provide the SEE to each other (Significant Evolving Experience) and to SEE oneself crudely, honestly, diving within oneself – that dreaded blackhole, you need a mate, just to let you know, all is going to be Ok – at the end of the day because YOU ARE OK and you emerge out of everything OK, life net net is OK.