Jonathan Livingston Tern

Sterna albifrons

When sometime during the early teens I had first picked the up the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” I remember having done so because of the very lovely photos of the Seagulls. Of Course! after having read the book it came to mean much more but there did remain one wish for a long long time.

I saw the total solar eclipse!

“Class 8th D, 10th boy from the front – come up” Boomed the stern voice of the PT teacher. Someone shook the appropriate boy from conversation he was engrossed in. He climbed up to the first floor podium, tachaak, tachaak!! Two slaps delivered, he was told to stand aside and listen to what was being […]

Single light portraits – A mini HowTo


As a beginner in studio photography I wallowed in self pity of the fact that I had only one light and portraits needed was at least three and I could not afford any. Then I was gently reminded of the working motto of SANIsoft. “Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours”* I […]

Alfred Hitchcock Collection – A review

Alfred Hitchcock

I picked up the box of Alfred Hitchcock Collection because It had one of my favorite movie – Rebecca It was less than INR500/- for six movies from the master of suspense, thus an undeniable ‘Steal’ Well actually the box, marketed by moserbaer in India, is priced INR549/- but if you have good contacts with […]

You are not beautiful

“You are not beautiful” These harsh words have to be endured by almost every girl/woman at some or the time of her life – unfortunately it is the chauvinistic setup of the society we live in. However it is not just male chauvinism which is at play here but something which angers me much more, […]

3 more jQuery plugins

Last week Aditya released two jQuery plugins jQuery shiftcheckbox plugin: This plugin was inspired by how GMail checkboxes work when clicked in combination with the ‘Shift’ key. See demo jQuery shortaccesskey plugin: This plugin is a great help in keyboard enabling your web applications with very little effort. See demo The last plugin is Img […]