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Smiles from a time gone by…

Soon we will be crossing 25 years to our admission into medical college and some great celebrations are planned, but something more interesting is happening right now – one of my friends Dr. Anup Marar got an idea of creating an SMS based list and we have around 45 people exchanging titbits of nostalgia through out the day.

Here are some hilarious lines attributed to an Anatomy lecturer we had

“Don’t you talk in front of my back!”
“Keep quite Dr. Patki (the hod) is revolving in the department”
A note to a surgeon “Pt.(patient) not passed urine since 2 day. Pl.(please) come and pass urine.”

P.S. As a techno-social side note – an SMS list has worked much better than say a regular email list would have because very few doctors are constantly online but almost everyone has their phones 24×7 with them.