A Perfect Party

Someone from Thane just commented on my previous entry that I was ancient! I guess from a younger man’s perspective, in a world where everything from relationships to fun is seemingly short lived, I, at 41, am ancient but I can assure you that real fun starts at 40 What the ingredients for my perfect […]

Not so sucky after all!

Saturday I wrote to someone (06:47:09 PM) Tarique: life SUX – it is weekend and I am dreading it After the *adrenaline and endorphin high* from foss.in of the past week waning, I was feeling kind of lost… Had planned to hook up with some friends to go a nearby village and see the Bar-headed […]


Finally it happened… the first barbecue party at the new home. While such parties were a norm almost every third week through out the winter at the old place it was just not happening here. We were just three families with the kids.  The fun part in any barbecue is making the kebabs and steaks, […]