Give me programmers or give me death!!!!!

Damn! I am not even asking for developers.

  • hi Tarique… would like to know the difference between these 2 from you.. Would you ?

    • In my book the former is not required to make decisions ;)

      • the former like to be called the latter, and the latter sometimes wish they become the former again

        • Right! just like I am wishing right now that I just had a job instead />:)”/></p></div>        </div>    </li><!-- #comment-## --></ul><!-- .children --></li><!-- #comment-## --></ul><!-- .children --></li><!-- #comment-## --></ul><!-- .children --></li><!-- #comment-## -->    <li class=

          How’ll you be liking your death?

          Quick? Frosted? Painfully slow?

          (or death by “employees” ?)


        • It’s the same in every field…for our small-scale unit, KM says, there are a billion people in India, but where are the competent, employable ones?