WOW! that is a lot of downloads!

Was just leafing through the Coppermine Picture Gallery stats page and noticed that we have crossed 4 million downloads  from sourceforge alone to be precise it currently stands at 4,070,119 downloads

A huge thanks to the entire team who have been most wonderful over the years but  special thanks to  to Abbas, Aditya and Amit the three who besides being on the dev team work right here by my side at SANIsoft

Lessons for the internet age: You don’t name your event same as a common english phrase!

Techno babble

Evidence that Aasim is exposed to too much techno babble and the net.

On being asked what was he searching in the cupboards and drawers – “Nothing I am just surfing through them.”

His comment on an erratically behaving digital wall clock – “That thing is randomly browsing through time.”