Back from

Got back from

Food was good
Meeting friends  was great
The hospitality of the organizers outstanding

Happy birthday to G Karunakar many more happy hacking years to come!!

@Karunakar – the captcha on your blog sux 😉

Will you be there at

I and Swati will be there – will you be?

Anyone interested in any informal, in the corridor kind of BoFs?

@Kishore – are there corridors at the venue that can be conviniently crowded 😉


I had mentioned that 40 is considered a watershed and many who have crossed it still say “It feels no different”.

Is it the same for me? ummm…. no not really there have been two very major changes in the past year.

#1 We moved into our new house and office – the sheer fact that it is newer, much much bigger and filled with stuff which we coveted since long makes me happy – Yeah! I am an easy person to please.

#2 The Chikungunya I was infected with just prior to my last birthday has unfortunately turned chronic and several of my major and minor joints cannot take much punishment – this effectively has restricted several of my outdoor and indoor activities, I can no longer run up the stairs – knees, I cannot jog for more than 1.5kms – hip, I cannot walk for more than 5kms – ankle. Things like bouldering, hang gliding and dancing are pretty much out of bounds forever. Ugh! putting it in words makes it sound much worse than it really feels and the fact is that there has been some improvement over the months and I am still hopeful.

The above two combined have also put SANIsoft firmly on the path we wanted – so the going is still great I would say

Parenting dilemma

A couple of your son’s friends have been caught flinching CDs and DVDs from his collection. You go and have a talk with the parents of the offending children and things are sorted out.

BUT what do you tell your own son who has never faced such distrust and betrayal in friendship?

What do you answer to his anguish “but they were my friends”?

Saying “no they were not” seems so inadequate, saying “you can’t trust people” seems so negative, saying “you did not care for your things” is outright insensitive….


The Specialists

Over the years I have been involved with many a hiring selection for ______ specialists at all levels, and I can share an observation that I believe will surprise nobody.There is an abundance of ______ job candidates with impressive resumes who do not possess even the minimum basic ______ skills. Resume inflation is only partially to blame.The bigger problem is that for the most part these candidates sincerely and earnestly believe that that two-day “advanced ______” course really gave them the advanced knowledge and understanding of the system in question.

No, the ______ does not have what most of you might think considering it is from me but the alarming and a very saddening thing is the ______ can be filled up with almost anything and it would be still true. Perhaps a bit more in mid level IT related jobs….

The interested can see where I quoted the passage from

It is not that I am not a “people person” just that I am not a “stupid people person”