I had mentioned that 40 is considered a watershed and many who have crossed it still say “It feels no different”. Is it the same for me? ummm…. no not really there have been two very major changes in the past year. #1 We moved into our new house and office – the sheer fact […]

Parenting dilemma

A couple of your son’s friends have been caught flinching CDs and DVDs from his collection. You go and have a talk with the parents of the offending children and things are sorted out. BUT what do you tell your own son who has never faced such distrust and betrayal in friendship? What do you […]

The Specialists

Over the years I have been involved with many a hiring selection for ______ specialists at all levels, and I can share an observation that I believe will surprise nobody.There is an abundance of ______ job candidates with impressive resumes who do not possess even the minimum basic ______ skills. Resume inflation is only partially […]