Sightings of the day….

Since past few days we have been seeing birds which are #1 usually not so readily seen #2 not seen in places we have seen them… also all the sightings have been incidental 23rd Saturday – Spotted owlet near an ice cream parlour 24th Sunday – Dusky Craig Martins in our driveway 25th Monday – […]

Fly baby fly!

Woke up early yesterday morning despite a late night on Saturday and sat at the doorsteps waiting for the newspaper, perhaps it was sub conscious realization that there are very few Sunday mornings that I will get here now perhaps a couple more…. It was nice to know that the neighborhood birds  have not completely […]

Once you promise

Once you promise you have to…  the little girl chimed , She was one of Aasim’s friend asking for his bicycle for herself to ride. The sincerity with which she pleaded stuck with me. So as I had promised myself that I will update this journal more often here is it…  Earlier this week we […]

Vulture at Wadi!

Today, after lunch, myself and Swati decided to explore the neighborhood of the new place. As I have written earlier it is surrounded by rich birding ground. After walking about 500m we were already seeing birds like Yellow wattled lapwing, Red winged Bush lark, Black breasted finch lark, Rain quail…. Well it is their habitat […]


Wanted to write something witty like – we moved the cheese for our programmers or something but Swati has already done it at So instead I will write a word about the blog which we have set up at SANIsoft site For long I have rarely written anything elaborately  related to technical stuff in […]