31st March – “All smile” day!

31st March is the day when Swati gives incremented salaries to all our employees. This year the average raise has been 53% the highest is 75% – this is in line with what we have been doing for past 6 years, the %ages have varied but there never has been a year with 0 raise. Amongst other things since several of my boys and girls are getting married this year we have implemented a policy of wedding gift. This is equivalent of 2 month current salary and a 3 week holiday – provided he or she has been with us for more than a year.

Of Course! apart from these are the *additional salaries* which Swati distributes to her whims, they are equivalent to a month salary usually given out about 3 to 4 times a year.

And before any of you pop the question! no there are no vacancies as yet but there will be soon – keep watching this space.


Phew! we have been at it for almost 6 hours now and probably be still here for next 2 hours.

We (myself and Swati) are in Bangalore sitting with all the old friends and faces having the first major meeting for planning foss.in/2007, Lots of discussions amazingly no one has killed anyone as yet, and we have actually got a fix on several things…

So to used a cliched phrase keep watching this space.

Google Summer of Code 2007 & Coppermine Picture Gallery

Our Coppermine Picture Gallery has been chosen in to the Google Summer of Code(tm) 2007 program.

So if you have been reading what GSoC is all about and are a PHP programmer good enough, feel free to apply. Don’t ask me the details, you should be smart enough to find that.

Yeah! I am a potential mentor – you have been warned.