Lots happening but nothing to write home about…

Most of the things are now revolving around getting a fix on the final budget for the house. We don’t want to compromise on things but at the same time the budget is not limitless and damn the things we are liking are expensive….

Saturday evening we had a barbecue party with some friends coming over. Lovely King prawns, Fish grilled wrapped in Banana leaf, Malay fish curry, Chicken satay and of course the regular fav marinades from Swati. It was supplemented by some excellent wine which one of our friend got.

Yesterday morning we took about 25 kids from Aasim’s school and an equal number of adults for bird watching. Did not spot anything unusual but the kids were thrilled.

Rest of the day was spent doing… Nothing.

Happy new year!

Last year was dominated with the construction project, we still have about 4/5 months before we can shift there and everyone is looking forward to that.

The last quarter however saw both me and Swati suffering from Chikungunya, the after effects of which are still lingering, my doctor also put both of us on Anti Cholesterol medicines.

New years resolution? I usually don’t make any but this year I would like to – “Code More”