On Steroids!

I had joked to someone – year 2005 was the year of Birds 2006 year of Nudes and 2007 is threatening to be the year of Still-Life. I will hold still while life passes by…
After nearly 2 months of my initial Chikungunya episode the arthritis and arthralgia continues to be there. I have observed that it is following a three week cycle and this time both my shoulders were badly affected. After considerable deliberation doctors have put me on oral steroids, plus I am to restrict my exercises in the gym to a great extent.

Steroids will continue for atleast a month.

And then…

And then there are times when every thing falls into just 2 categories
#1 Been there, done that
#2 Not worth doing…


Since I almost never get a phone call nor do I call anyone I decided to splurge the left over money from my watch purchase on a W850i. I was a bit reluctant because of the slider design but then I do not need a key pad 😛

Busy again

Looks like life is going to be very very busy… Two significant things happened last week.

#1 We finally got a good bunch of trainee programmers
#2 SANIsoft purchased a commercial property and the sale-deed was signed.

Some who knew about commercial property had asked why purchase? Why not rent? We had considered that but several factors made us decided in favour of outright purchase. SANIsoft is right now in an asset building mode – so a commercial premise makes a nice asset which will appreciate over a period of time.

The rent being asked was at 1.25% a month – that would have made it equivalent to giving 15% per annum, no safe investment is giving that kind of returns on this date so there was no point in holding on to cash and paying rent.

Lastly outright purchase allows us hold on to the property and not invest in it further till the current home/office is completed, This would be without any further loss…

So all considered I would say it was a wise decision.

On a more personal front I got my self a wrist watch – I had a budget of 25K+ but settled for the simple BL6005-01E Citizen eco-drive costing less than 1/5th of my budget. It does exactly what I want it to – tells time 🙂


She: I want to f*ck
He: Unmount first

What followed was a fairly technical discussion – honestly – you just have to know what * means