Licensed to drive

I learnt to drive a car when I was 14, the car was owned by my aunt (my mother’s youngest sister) who was a doctor and that was the only car amongst the near relatives our middle middle class family. One day a couple of months after my mother’s death my aunt had come with […]

Reaching up

Today morning Aasim casually reached up and unlatched the top latch of our front door!! He is tall for a nine year old – the first image which flashed in front of my eyes was – Aasim about 15 months  old would walk upto the dining table around meal times and peer very critically at […]

I have been clinically diagnosed to be suffering from Chikungunya fever since last three days. It would not be so bad only if the nausea was absent – the fever and joint pains I can bear but wrenchng your guts out every half an hour or so really SUX