The second rung re-visited

Some time ago I had boasted about how I had successfully nurtured a second line of command in the office and how well it was working. Since experience has taught us not to get complacent about any aspect of our business if we are to succeed and also since I was on look out for new mentors for the newbies who would come in from next week or so I decided to re-evaluate how well the things had percolated.

Things on commercial front were perfect everyone does/is doing their job and providing the much needed billing hours…. however much to my dismay people were stagnating and getting bored!! The job had become a dull chore for many.

What had gone wrong?

My fiercely loyal lieutenants had failed to teach the others “How to learn?” specially about self learning. Maybe I am at fault somewhere because I have taught them, the second rung, not so much by direct instruction as by example. Also I found them to be too impatient with their juniors, giving up too easily or worse labeling them not fit for anything but mundane things.

On talking to them, the baseline was “they, the juniors, don’t learn” – my answer was “before asking them what did they learn have you ever questioned yourself? What did you try to teach them today?”

SANIsoft has till now retained people because it is exciting to work here, there is a sense of openness (as in Open Source) in the working environment, daily there is something new to learn, you get ample time to work on your own open source projects, open code you work on here goes under *your* name. I want all this and more to be instilled in to every newcomer who joins… With SANIsoft poised to triple, perhaps quadruple, its team size in next 12 months – it will be imperative that this continues as we want it to.

I, among other things, am back to doing what I once did very well – Teach – I am now teaching “How to teach”

Taking control back!

After a Reality Check had forced us on starting medications, we got our latest reports yesterday and as expected every value is back to normal. Will talk to our doctor and hopefully the maintenance dose will be much lower at least for the anti-lipid drugs.

The entire last week was spend taking interviews but we did manage to select three promising freshers. From the look of it we are going to need more office place sooner than expected…. looking out…

Random Rules

Be who you are.  Do what you love.  Employ people you like.


Recruitment  is most often the most frustrating of the things that I am supposed to handle. Anyone and everyone who can write mysql_fetch_array() thinks that they are better than Rasmus, it is an entirely different matter that the response is always “Rasmus who?” from these delightfully disillusioned geniuses when you really ask about him.

Once again it is reaffirmed that my old strategy of taking *intelligent* freshers and training them to think the way it works for us is the best…

Other than that life goes on – lot of things are being worked out on the construction front – most important being the electrical layout, with roughly 15 tonnes of AC cooling supposed to be put in I rapidly learnt all there is to about calculating electricity bill. Being finicky about construction quality I learnt about how the waterproofing is done for RCC slabs and the likes. All of this is much more than I had anticipated, specially considering that the designated experts of the contractor and architect are supposed to look after the QA – but then for everyone it is “just a job”. For me? it is my money which is at stake!!! At times like these how I wish that all I had was “just a job”

On second thoughts – naaaahhh!

Don’t be a Nice Guy!!

Self-confident, caring, decent-hearted women find “Nice Guys” to be too clingy, self-abasing, and insecure – you would probably want to read the rest of it