155mm in 24hrs

Sunday I was cribbing about lack of rain and since yesterday it has rained more than 155mm – thankfully water logging is not a big problem in Nagpur and roads clear up very fast….

Cats, dogs and no rains

It has been cloudy everyday over the past week but has not rained… it is threatening to get hot and humid again.

Again the feeling of restlessness is growing, that gnawing to do something new! As you grow older why is it that finding new dreams becomes so difficult? Everything is filtered thru “rational thinking”…

In the very least I want to start writing again, technical as well as non technical stuff but my grammar has gone to dogs and the cat has got my tongue 🙁

YAS (Yet Another Sunday)

It is a lovely Sunday morning, am sitting outside in the garden – Shiku, the Shikra chick we raised and release, just paid a visit – he has got into this habit of occasionally coming very low and inspecting the front yard. At times he shouts till one of us comes out…

A very young squirrel is hopping around – she better be careful 😉

The construction activity has been slowed down a bit – the current ETA is 120 days more to finish the civil work, however I very much like what has been done so far. Some time last week we saw River Tern as well as a Little Tern fishing over the pond/lake which is our backyard, a common kingfisher came and sat on a window ledge – I really hope that the bird life remains undisturbed there… unfortunately it won’t be for long.

Yesterday night we saw an adaptation of “Night of January the 16” it was an adaptation which I feel even Ayn Rand would be pleased with… and yes the verdict was “not guilty”

Lastly, I have decided to stop taking any new photographs for atleast next 3 months – the number of good photographs which I have not been able to post process has gone totally out of control…

Monsoon magic

Finally the monsoon has firmly set over the region. Cooling things down to the twenties… Half of 2006 has also passed and been a good year till now.

I am still overwhelmed with work but I took some time out last week to try making a real life project with cakePHP – http://cakephp.org as the framework and PHPEclipse from http://easyeclipse.org as the IDE, for want of something better I decided upon creating a Photoblog after the first couple of hours I found myself liking the code so much that I registered a project at cakeforge called cheeseCake (yes pun intended). After about 10 hours of programming a lot of which was spent in trying to search the cake documentation (the weakest point of the project) the results are at http://cakeforge.org/projects/cheesecake/ – I intend to keep this an SVN only project for as long as I can 😉

On business front a kind of Joel Spolsky Vs. Paul Graham dilemma seems to be the crux, however since I am already seeing “why this boom is different” kind of articles appearing I would say that we are definitely approaching a flat period if not the end of the boom. Does not take a post graduate degree in business management to know what to do in such situations…