Damn! even after ten months of regular gym my trainer still manages to dig out muscles which I never knew existed…

Looking Good etc etc etc

Lately I have come across several parents who are so keen that their children appear to be “well adjusted” and not make them “look bad” in front of the their (parent’s) social acquaintances that they end up with children who are thoroughly de-spirited and totally lacking that urge to experiment or learn anything new. Well I don’t really interfere with anyone when it comes to parenting decisions they take but it does bug me, to use a mild word, when these parents try to put down other children as being wrong and also imply lack of culture.

Thankfully these very same parents also, most of the time, think that “boarding schools” are good – at least their children will have a chance for themselves.

Yes! Aasim’s school re-opened.

On the very first day he walked up to the podium during the general assembly and talked about FIFA World Cup. Honestly I never knew that he even knew about, let alone was following the event.

Unfortunately both his girlfriends have moved to other cities to which he said “What a waste!”.

Other than that it is life as usual for him and us….

Reality Check

The little cormorant which we had taken in on Friday could not make it thru the night. sadly we could not even find out what was wrong with it.

After 5 years of battling, mother nature has still not been convinced that my lifestyle and diet do not warrant a haywire lipid profile… on top of that I have been heaped with a very high blood Homocysteine levels. So I along with my doctor and friend have decided to take the fight to the next level. I have been put on medications which are most likely to last for a long long time.

SANIsoft has had two sequential years of very good business – going by the trend of past years the next year we are likely to see a dip… was brainstorming with Swati as to how to discount for that and how the cash flow should be managed.

I now have enough pictures to put out my own book however I now also have offers for putting my pictures as a co-author in two other books one to be published from Canada and Other from Italy – been wondering if I do need want a book all by myself….

One more guest!!

Looks like time has come to really consider a huge bird hospital kind of cage. It has not yet been a complete week and there is an adult Little Cormorant recuperating in the front yard. It was found flapping weakly near our main gate as we returned from the gym in the morning. I really can’t find anything wrong with it except that he felt very hot – have cooled him with a little shower and he now looks much better. Hopefully we can release him by evening. We are hopelessly ill equipped to keep a water bird…..

Set it free!

The most satisfying moment for the week past was when we set free the Shikra chick which we had been looking after for past several weeks. I am happy that we could manage to teach it how to kill and then how to hunt, yes they have the instinct but it needs to be honed. Swati has a detailed diary of the care taking it needed and there are also a few pictures. the poor thing was mortally scared of the camera so we did not click much.

On work front we have now have a programmer whose full time responsibility would be “Open source development and management”. Apart from working on Coppermine NG, she essentially will see to it that the other programmers are kept busy with Open Source work when they are not involved in commercial work. Earlier one of the senior programmer would do this job when they were free but since past couple of months they have been too busy with commercial development to look into it.

With Aasim’s summer vacation still continuing I have not got enough time on his computer to post process the pictures from the May end trip…

Tiger Crossing


This one is for Kalyan, Taken in Kanha National Park on 31st May 2006

Bravo Nagpur Police!!

Nagpur Police, in the wee hours today, intercepted and killed 3 alleged LeT terrorist who attacked the RSS headquarters. The news channels are full of the news. This cowardly attack is also a very sad incidence for me personally as it puts my beloved and peaceful city on the mindless violence map 🙁

However hats off to the Nagpur Police for their decisive action!