The entire last week was spent in interviewing people – some highlights #1 Sir, I know that I have done every question wrong but I know everything Thank you ma’am we will call you when we need managers #2 Sir, can I get an interview experience certificate – I want it for my CV Sorry […]

Aasim to Swati “Quarter to ten is not good enough, You better be there at nine forty five!” but on the flip side to his credit, yesterday seeing everyone was too busy to attend to a candidate who had come for interview, he walked up and asked “Do you know HTML?”


Someone from the previous generation tried to tell me that at 40 one should start to sit back, settle down and learn to be content. My only response was “Yeah! I will go and kill myself!!” accompanied by vigorous nodding of head, true to my expectation my words went unheard and my action was taken […]

Happy New Year!!!

Huh!? Just as we were about modestly done with celebrating a good ending to the previous financial year (for the uninformed 31st March is the date) I wake up to this truly *Maniac Monday* Fortunately, for you my readers most of the problems fall either under some NDA clause or will hurt friends – so […]