WinXP re-install….

Yesterday Aasim’s machine which runs WinXP refused to boot, nothing wrong with the hardware just something went wrong in Windows – have tried almost everything but I guess re-install would be the shortest answer. However there is a hitch. Windows distro, oh well – it is not a distro at all. you have to find […]

Hmmm – Grievious indeed…

You scored as Yoda. General Grievous 89% Yoda 89% Anakin Skywalker 67% Darth Vader 56% Obi Wan Kenobi 56% Chewbacca 44% Emperor Palpatine 44% R2-D2 39% Clone Trooper 39% Mace Windu 33% Padme Amidala 22% C-3PO 17% Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?created with The tie breaker was I teach better than […]



Yesterday afternoon finally gave us time to open the DVD which had been lying for some time now and watch the movie Parineeta. Watching the movie flashed my thoughts back to a time, many, many years ago, when my mind was in a totally warped and f*cked up state. A time just after we had […]

Happy Holi!!!

Happy Holi to everyone… Feeling a bit old… Aasim is out there with his friends playing Holi with his friends, a lot of them are children of folks I have played Holi with when I was about 8 years old. Somebody is blasting Hindi re-mixes… but somewhere further are strains of “mohe panghat pe”… Swati […]

Sunshine again!

It is bright and sunny again and I intend to enjoy the couple of days before it gets too hot… Somewhere in the middle of last week I was made to undergo a medical exam for insurance – the good news is that my Lipid Profile seems to be behaving itself. Spent a lot of […]