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Suddenly it is cold! week before last it was as if we are going to have an early summer and now the temperature has dipped ushering an extended winter – I love winters in Nagpur specially sitting in the warm sun on Sunday afternoons. It has been a very hectic past few days with Swati […]

OK! we are not a Sweat Shop

Got some flack for calling SANIsoft a sweat shop… Two of my biggest clients pointed out that calling SANIsoft a sweat shop would not please their investors (heh! I did not know that you people read my personal journal) They went on to point that you cannot call a SME which creates PHP apps optimised […]

Failure of your business model is not my problem

“Failure of your business model is not my problem” It is sad to tell a client this but that however does not mean that I do not understand business or business process, The following in no particular order are my few common sense guidelines I am outright wary of clients who wants my opinion on […]


Fun started right from Saturday afternoon once the barbecue party was confirmed. All the ingredients were just right for a great party – a few friends, great white wine (and rum), excellent prawns, lots of chicken with great marinade from Swati and crisp dried easy to light coal… sorry no pictures were taken, slept at […]

Another week

The feeling for entire week gone by can be best compared to sitting in a second class compartment of a train which is running terribly late – you cannot do anything but wait!! Everything seems to be in a state of transition the loan, the clients, projects, photography everything!! Hopefully things will improve from today […]

First week!

It passed by fast… things on the work front were a bit subdued with some clients still on a holiday, thankfully I have a new programmer and she will be ready to go on a commercial project in about 10 days more. Lately I have been lurking on PixelPost Forums and have contributed a bunch […]