Flickr API Rant

Aarrrghh!!! for all its usefulness and genius of design, I specially like the Auth part, the Flickr API does not provide a straight forward method to get all the comments made on a particular photo. The only hack I could think up was to aggregate the Recent Comments RSS, parse it (they do not send […]

Growing up…

Aasim seems to be growing up with a taste for off-beat stuff to put it lightly… I can now sympathise truly with my parents and appreciate that they allowed me to do the things I did and thus I am allowing him to do what he wants. Yesterday he went out and got 6 small, […]

Getting rusty?

I remember I was saying “turn the debug on for dhcpd and see what it says when you try to…..” but I never completed that sentence. “SWEETHEART!!!” there was something in the tone of that yell which made the hairs on the nape of my neck prickle, I rushed outside Swati was already saying “Patel […]

Not anything…. in particular!

I seriously need to invest some time in not trying to do something all the time and enjoy that – not doing anything…. besides it has just been like this since morning! Had a great barbecue party yesterday evening – some friends had come over with lots of Surmai fish, Jumbo prawns and chicken, not […]