Dissecting a Sunday…

So it was a Christmas Sunday… It started early with a resolve to tinker around in my so called photo-studio which was threatening to turn into a dumping ground for the household junk and thus had to be redeemed to its former glory. Ahem! I love hyperbole It was nice to note that lights still […]

Flickr API Rant

Aarrrghh!!! for all its usefulness and genius of design, I specially like the Auth part, the Flickr API does not provide a straight forward method to get all the comments made on a particular photo. The only hack I could think up was to aggregate the Recent Comments RSS, parse it (they do not send […]

Getting rusty?

I remember I was saying “turn the debug on for dhcpd and see what it says when you try to…..” but I never completed that sentence. “SWEETHEART!!!” there was something in the tone of that yell which made the hairs on the nape of my neck prickle, I rushed outside Swati was already saying “Patel […]

Not anything…. in particular!

I seriously need to invest some time in not trying to do something all the time and enjoy that – not doing anything…. besides it has just been like this since morning! Had a great barbecue party yesterday evening – some friends had come over with lots of Surmai fish, Jumbo prawns and chicken, not […]

Forties is the new thirties

Just got around to reading the Sunday newspapers and there was this article on how men and women in their forties are more health and appearance aware and that forties is the second adolescence for them. I couldn’t agree more on this. However, what pissed me off was the recurrent references that men are doing […]